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5 Easy Ways To Save Money Traveling - DirectAsia Insurance

Mon, 04/13/2015 - 10:28

Travel, can enrich the soul and, just as easily, derail the bank account. 

We all want to go further for less, and finding simple ways to save money is more important than ever in Singapore. Here are five great ways to save:

1. Go Off-Peak

Timing is everything, Travelling in the shoulder season means less crowds and more in your wallet. How about the Galápagos Islands in May or an African safari in the rainy season when there are many new-born animals? You can save up to 40% on peak rates and, in the case of the Galápagos, conditions might actually be calmer, and warmer.

2. Take Your Time

You may be desperate for a holiday but avoid booking the first trip you see. Plan your itinerary by comparing prices for different tour operators and activities. Price comparison sites like skyscanner are great for bagging the best flight prices.

3. Be Flexible 

If you are willing to fly a day earlier or a couple of days later, you can save significantly on flights. Flying to Australia on 9 December – the day before peak season begins – can save you much more than flying on the 10th. Book no-frills airline tickets as early as you can. Try yapta to monitor variations in flight prices so you can get the best price.

4. Get Local Knowledge

Learn from other people’s tips or mistakes. Log on to a respected travel forum like TripAdvisor to quiz people who have already travelled to your chosen destination.

Even better, get local knowledge. Cities like New York, Paris and Chicago offer free greeter tours with friendly, knowledgeable locals as your guide – a great way to meet new friends, pick up insider tips and save your hard earned cash.

5. Make Smart Choices

It is not worth taking a $50 discount to stay in a hotel that is undergoing extensive (for that read dusty and noisy) renovations. Nor is it worth saving the equivalent on a flight that routes you to unnecessary stops or lands at a time when no one else is awake.

And you should never try to save by skipping on travel insurance. Accidents do happen and cover can be had for the less than the cost of a taxi ride from the airport. With DirectAsia.com, you can book single trips or even a whole year’s worth of travel insurance protection with one simple purchase. When planning your next trip, why not get in touch for an instant travel insurance quote that will save you time and money.

Happy travelling!