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Safe Driving will give you Cheaper Car Insurance- DirectAsia

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 13:17

We can all agree that cheaper motor insurance makes for happier driving, and now there’s a real chance that your policy could be determined by your driving habits.

Traditionally, the factors that made the difference to that all important insurance premium would include your age, previous claims, how many miles you drove, what car you owned, perhaps where you lived or how much excess you chose to pay.

save driving could save lives

But All This May Be About to Change

Super high-tech telematics company Chleon is currently trialing an in-car device that will analyse and ultimately score your driving behaviour. This score could be used by insurance companies to set your future premium.

If you are wondering what telematics is, it’s the kind of technology that makes GPS navigation, integrated hands-free phones and automatic driving assistance systems possible.

The prototype driving device now being developed by Chleon is supported through cloud computing. It will be fitted to the underside of a car, and will capture the driver’s behavior including mileage, speed, evidence of hard braking or high acceleration, kerbing and obedience to traffic signals.

The device will then provide the driver with his/her unique personal driving score. This score, with the driver’s permission can be provided to insurance companies for consideration when offering car insurance.

 “A driver who consistently exhibits safe driving behaviour and gains a score of 9/10 could end up saving as much as 15% compared to a poorer driver who scores say 4/10. A bit like a credit rating, but for motorists.” Chleon.com

in car device to monitor driving behavior

Safe Driving = Cheaper Car Insurance

At DirectAsia.com we like to reward you for safe driving beyond a simple no-claims discount so we have introduced a range of popular incentives, for example, you may qualify for an additional discount on your car insurance policy, over and above your no-claims bonus.

You may also like to take advantage of our innovative scheme to reward customers who have an in-car camera installed, if you do, we will give you 4% off your car insurance premium.

Many of these cameras are a great aid to safe driving as they have a special sensor which can be set to warn motorists when they are accelerating too fast, hard-braking or speeding through sharp turns. The camera can even be set to record when your car is stationary or parked, acting as a great deterrent against vandals or thieves.

There’s no doubt that safe driving saves lives. The question is, should safe driving also determine how much you pay for your car insurance?

What do you think?

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