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What Will You Spend Your S$25 on?

Here at DirectAsia.com we’re always thinking of new ways to make taking out insurance a more pleasant experience. But we’re also keen for you to feel pleasure when one of your friends takes out an insurance policy with us, too.

$25 saved on my car insurance by referring a friend

How do we do this? Certainly, we know you’ll be delighted that your friend will enjoy unbeatable premiums, and exceptional, award winning service. That they’ll get an instant quote online, 0% interest on monthly instalments and a policy that truly meets their needs. But while this alone may be enough to refer one of your friends to us, we thought we’d make you an even more enticing offer…

Have a S$25 Petrol Voucher, On Us

We’d like to show our appreciation for referring one of your friends to us by giving you S$25 of petrol. That’s around 12.25 litres of petrol (based on basic type 92UL - Petrol Watch) that you won’t have to pay for. Of course, it does give you a new problem: what to do with the $S25 that you no longer have to spend on petrol?

If you love driving you might put it straight back into the petrol tank, meaning you could drive more than 200km in a 17km/l car. You could drive around Singapore twice or get about halfway to KL. Alternatively, you could buy 25 cups of coffee – although we don’t recommend drinking them all in one go. Better still, just buy two cups of coffee and head off to the movies. Your S$25 could pay for you and a friend to enjoy the latest blockbuster (GV.com.sg - weekend rate $11.50 per ticket).

If you prefer to spread the pleasure of your S$25 dollars, you could buy 5 litres of petrol, a ticket to the movies, a cup of coffee and a packet of atas chicken rice.

Why Not Refer a Friend Today?

If you have a friend who you think would appreciate our low prices, fantastic cover and superb customer service, why not refer them today? If we decide to cover them, you’ll soon realise just how much fun you can have for S$25 – made all the sweeter because your friend will be so delighted with their new insurance provider!

Find out more about the Refer a Friend and Get a $25 Petrol Voucher promo.