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5 important tips before riding in the Chinese New Year holidays

Red lanterns and other ornaments are everywhere, and it only means one thing: Chinese New Year is on its way. And what would be the smartest move to catch all the ongoing events and celebrations? Going around on a motorcycle! More than just getting a bike insurance to ensure your safety while roaming around, here are some tips that you can consider for a safer ride.

1. Give Your Motorcycle a Check up

From pedals to brakes, give your bike a thorough check to avoid breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Ideally a few days before your trip, it’s best to inspect the parts of your motorcycle if there’s anything that needs replacement or fix. You can try to do a quick ride around the neighborhood to test for any signs of faulty gear or wires. It’s also important to check the petrol and oil levels so nothing can prevent you from strolling around. And, the most essential of all, check the wheels. Riding won’t be fun if you’ve got a flat tyre. motorcycle-insurance-singapore

2. Plan your itinerary and pack correctly

Most of the event schedules are already published online and most merchants and shopping centres are already on the hype. With these things available, you can already plan your road trip ahead of time. Create an itinerary which includes route for tourist spots, rest areas, stopovers, and even petrol stations. And the best thing about it: you have to follow it. It’s also necessary to pack complete but light. Only bring stuff that are necessary for roaming around the city. It’s not advisable to pack loaded bags. You can also bring your motorcycle tools in case of emergencies. Your basic necessities such as your purse, money, first aid kit, and an extra shirt should be enough. It’s recommended to just buy food and drink along the road.

3. Know the holiday traffic rules

There may be some changes on the traffic rules because of the CNY season. It is expected to have heavier traffic than usual on some areas. Be aware of the laws on the road such as speed limit and rerouting on certain streets. More than that, it’s important to stay out of a car driver’s blind spot and to watch out for turning vehicles. Maintain a safe distance with other motorists. Rules can only do so much. Your own safety is in your own hands.

4. Gear up before hitting the road

Helmet (ideally with a face shield), protective eye-wear, leather clothing, gloves, etc. These are among the advisable gear that you should wear when driving a motorcycle. As much as we don’t want any accidents to happen to you, we want to make sure that you are geared up if it occurs. If you are riding at night, it’s recommended to wear bright-colored or reflective clothing so you can still be seen on the road. cheap-motorcycle-insurance-singapore

5. Be a disciplined rider

It’s not only your motorcycle that needs checking. Assess yourself before kicking off the engine. Make sure to get enough sleep the night before your trip so you can hit the road with a steady eyes and attentive mind. If you feel a little tired, get some rest before going to your next stop. Take your minds off of anything when you’re driving. Focus your attention on the road. And the most important basic rule of driving: Don’t drink and ride. Never. Get complete security Practice safe riding with a little support on your back. Get a motorcycle insurance to have additional help in case of needs for roadside assistance at any hour. Make sure you’ll have more than your helmet to guard you win case of emergencies. Customise your insurance in the most convenient way. Get a quote now.