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Here in Singapore, motorists are required to report a car accident to their insurer within 24 hours, or the next working day. If not your No Claim Discount (NCD) may be affected.

You must report an accident even if there is no visible damage to your vehicle or if there is a private settlement between parties. The General Insurance Association of Singapore offers this advice.

Do I Have To Inform My Insurer Even Though There Is No Damage To My Vehicle?

“Yes, always report all accidents to your insurer no matter how minor the accident may be, even if there is no visual damage or even if you have made a private settlement with the other driver. This is because you cannot be fully certain that the other party will not file a claim against you later. You may find yourself in a position of having your claim prejudiced or declined later by insurers.”

What Happens If I Choose Not To Report The Accident To My Insurer?

“Failure to do so will affect your No Claims Discount upon renewal of your motor insurance and will prejudice your claim.”

Remember  Even if you decide to settle privately, never agree not to report an accident.  If the other driver reports the accident and you don’t, your car insurance policy could be affected.


Pic: GIA Singapore

If you decide to settle privately, your settlement should be recorded in writing and signed by an independent witness. Some insurance companies offer a simple form that can be used to document your agreement. If you do not have this form, you can write a simple agreement.

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