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What You Should Know About the Increase in Parking Rates

Surface HDB Carpark

Last June, the Housing Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced that they would be increasing rates across all public car parks by 1 December 2016. Below are five things you should know about the public car park increase before it starts to take effect.

1. It’s The First Car Park Rate Change In 14 Years

The last time the HDB and URA updated their car park rates was in 2002. The two agencies noted that the reason for the hike is due to inflation and the increasing cost of car park maintenance. The increase will allow them to improve car park services such as updating facilities and maintenance.

2. Short-term Parking Rates Increase Up To 20 Cents Per Half Hour

Visitors using HDB and URA car parks will have to pay more. Regular short-term parking rates will increase to $0.60 from the current rate of $0.50 per half an hour. Whereas short-term parking in restricted zones and designated areas will raise to $1.20 from the current rate of $1 per half hour.

3. Seasonal Parking Rates For HDBs Will Increase Significantly

Similar to short-term parking rates, monthly parking rates will also increase significantly. HDB residents with only one car lot can expect an additional $25 on their seasonal parking expenses (for equalised car park lots). For those with a second car or non-residents, seasonal car parking rates can go up to an additional $30. See table below for more details on seasonal car park fees: Tier 1 - For 1st Car Park Lot (same throughout Singapore, includes car parks in RZ/DA)

  New Rates (effective 1 December 2016) Current Rates
Surface $80 per month $65 per month
Sheltered $110 per month $90 per month
Equalised $95 per month $70 per month


Tier 2 – For Non-Residents and Residents’ w/ 2nd and Subsequent Car Park Lots in Same Household

  New Rates (effective 1 December 2016) Current Rates
Surface Sheltered Equalised $90 per month $120 per month $105 per month $65 per month $90 per month $75 per month
Restricted Zone Surface Sheltered $165 per month $190 per month $140 per month $160 per month
Designated Areas Surface Sheltered $150 per month $170 per month $125 per month $140 per month


4. Unused Coupons Can Still Be Exchanged

Those who have unused coupons that reflect the old rate by 1 December 2016 can still exchange them for the new coupons. Car owners can exchange them in participating petrol stations, HDB branches/service centres, and the URA Centre only until 31 January 2017. Motorists simply have to add the difference in order to successfully exchange the old coupons.

5. Motorcycle Owners Are Not Affected By This Hike

Parking charges for motorcycles will not be affected by this hike. As they were revised in July 2014 and January 2015, per-minute charging and Concessionary Season Parking Tickets for motorcycles will remain the same.