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Car Wrapping Vs Spray Painting | Things to Consider

Sun, 10/24/2021 - 12:00

6 Reasons to Choose Car Wrapping Vs Spray Painting

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In the past, the main solution to spruce up the outlook of your car would be to repaint or spray paint it with a unique design. But nowadays, car wrapping is gaining popularity in Singapore and this has many drivers wondering if it’s a better option compared to spray painting. 

Spray painting or wrapping your car with vinyl can certainly help beautify your vehicle and showcase individualism. But, which is more cost effective and durable? What about maintenance and aftercare?

We’ve listed the differences between both methods, as well as the pros and cons of car wrapping vs spray painting, to help you make an informed decision, should you ever decide to get a car makeover!


Credit Source: Carro.sg

What’s the Difference Between Car Wrapping and Spray Painting?

Car wrapping as its name suggests, is when your car gets wrapped in plastic foil or vinyl to appear like paint. The application involves large sheets of vinyl film wrapped around each individual panel on the car. To achieve a smooth finish, the sheet must be cut to the right size and applied with no bubbles and creases. 

Spray painting on the other hand, is basically repainting your car panel by panel. The paint is systematically sprayed on with an air compressor to ensure that an equal depth of colour is achieved throughout the entire body kit of the car. 

Although different in application and final outlook, both methods require extreme precision and skill. Therefore, you should scout around for a reputable workshop with highly trained and specialised experts, if you’re thinking of wrapping or spray painting your car.

Does Wrapping or Spray Painting Affect My Car Insurance? 

Making changes to the appearance of your car’s body kit should not affect your car insurance or claims policy. You should first check if the modifications you want to make are compliant with the regulations of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore. If it is, great! Now you can jazz up your ride and spend that extra cash with peace of mind.

Car wrapping and spray painting are not classified in the modifications that require LTA’s approval, as it does not constitute massive alteration to the car or its functions. Of course, if you do make other significant modifications to your car’s original body kit, you should add on My Accessories as an Optional Benefit that will allow you to insure it against loss and damages.

Pros of Car Wrapping Vs Spray Painting

Car wrapping and spray painting both have their own advantages with very different results. But in this section, we have highlighted the areas that car wrapping may be a better option for you.

Things to Consider Car Wrap Spray Painting
Variety Limitless Limited colours 
Durability Lasts up to 10 years  Depends on usage and maintenance
Cost Cheaper and also depends if it’s a full or partial wrap More expensive due to time and workmanship
Installation Time Up to 3 Days Up to 3 Weeks
Maintenance Standard car wash with soap and warm water Requires constant polishing and waxing
Resale Value Can increase because it’s easier to revert to the original paint job  Highly depends on the quality of work and colour

1. Variety

There are many designs and colour choices available in the market for car wrapping compared to spray painting. In fact, if you decide to wrap your car, you could opt for a matte, glossy, satin, brushed metal, carbon fibre or iridescent metallic finish. You could even add on some tasteful graphics on top of your car’s original colour as a sticker. If you’re looking to go for a unique design, you also have the option to wrap certain areas or panels instead of the whole car.

However, if you choose to spray paint your car instead, you’re usually limited by the range of factory paint colours available or the skill of the designer you’re working with if you want a customised design.

2. Durability

Vinyl wrap is incredibly durable and can last up to 10 years from the date of application. In addition to looking great, it provides a good layer of protection to your car and the paint beneath. Car wrapping also doesn’t show as much wear and tear as compared to spray painting.

However, depending on the quality of the paint, spray painting can protect your car from rust.

3. Cost

Car wrapping is cheaper than spray painting. This is because the cost of paint is generally quite expensive compared to producing the vinyl wrap. The cost of wrapping also depends on whether it’s a full body kit wrap or partial wrap. This is not an option with spray painting as the entire car has to be painted for an even finish.

On top of that, the process of spray painting takes a lot of work and hours to complete, so the cost is usually higher.

4. Installation Time

Wrapping a car takes about 3 days compared to spray painting which can take up to 3 weeks. 

Car wrapping is considerably easy to install compared to spray painting, which usually takes days of preparation. First, the foreman has to strip the old paint from the car if it’s rusted or peeling off. Then it needs to be sprayed with a base coat. If these steps are not carefully followed, it’ll result in a bad paint job.

It also takes a couple of days for the paint to dry before it can be polished. So, you should be prepared to be car-less during that period.

5. Maintenance

Simply put, car wrapping just needs to be washed occasionally for a clean look compared to spray painting that requires constant maintenance. With a paint job, constant waxing and polishing is required to keep your car surface in pristine condition. 

It is also easier to maintain a wrapped car because scratched areas can easily be fixed.

6. Resale Value

Though it’s unlikely that you’ll want to part with your ride once it’s glamourised, it’s important to consider your car’s resale value before wrapping or spray painting your car. A new paint job can increase its resale value, but it highly depends on the quality of work and the colour you choose. Remember that it’s highly unlikely that potential buyers would want an unconventional coloured vehicle. 

However, a car wrap can protect the original paint job from external scratches and should be easily removed if it was applied correctly. So, the resale value of your car increases because it should look as good as new underneath.

It’s A Wrap!

If variety, budget, and durability are your main areas of concern, car wraps may be more suitable for you! But, bear in mind that car wraps can make rust problems worse and could also leave marks on your original paint job if not applied well.

Choose a workshop that you trust or is known for its excellent service, and check all the important aspects mentioned to ensure your expectations are met.

Is your car wrapped or spray painted? What is your experience and thoughts of the two options? Leave your comment below!