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A story of adventure and his love for motorbikes - DirectAsia

My Motorcycle and Me: Jeemee Goh

A seasoned traveller and avid diver (diving instructor in fact), Jeemee Goh shared with us his passion for outdoors adventure and why he loves the air, wind and sun. Feeling the Wind in Your Face
“I rode my first bike in 1993, soon after I turn 16years old. I signed up for motorcycle licence at Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC) and there was no turning back. My first motorcycle was a 15 year old Vespa 150cc scooter, as that was what I could afford. But it was a great bike and served me many years after. Once we rode to Malacca on my trusty old Vespa. The distance was 200km from Singapore, and the journey took me about 6 hours to get to there with tank almost empty; but we had a lot of fun along the way and it was a really memorable trip for me. I dream of owning a Harley Davidson Fat Boy someday, due to other commitments it has to wait for now. I love riding coz nothing beats feeling the wind in your face, and when you ride a motorbike, you're one, unlike in the car where you feel too protected. Besides, it beats traffic jam as well. :) So, riders out there - Ride Safe, Ride Alert! As a biker we are exposed to the elements and other motorist on the road. You might follow the rules, they might not, and most bike accidents are caused by other motorist who does not care to follow the rules”.
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