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6 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle
Buying a car is ridiculously expensive in Singapore, so getting a motorbike naturally comes to mind for someone who prefers to own their own transport still. While the public transport system is cheap and easily accessible, having your own mode of transport can give you unparalleled freedom. That said, the main concern that comes with riding a motorcycle is safety on the road. Seasoned drivers and riders would know that there is always an unspoken bias against bikers, whether justified or not. You are also “smaller” on the road, which can sometimes put you at a disadvantage. But if you love the time saved between commute and the freedom riding a bike can give you, read on to find out some of the practical considerations you should think about before getting your dream bike.

1. Do you have the right motorcycle license?

There are three main types of riding license here for motorcycles, namely
  • Class 2B - Required to ride motorcycles with engine capacity of 200 cc and below.
  • Class 2A - Required to ride motorcycles with engine capacity between 201 cc and 400 cc. You must hold the Class 2B licence for at least 1 year before you can obtain the Class 2A licence
  • Class 2 - Required to ride motorcycles with engine capacity above 400 cc. You must hold the Class 2A licence for at least 1 year before you can obtain the Class 2 licence
So before you go around hunting for a motorcycle to buy, know which ones you are eligible to ride first.

2. Can you afford the ride?

One main reason for many to choose to buy a motorcycle over a car is the obvious cost difference. The certificate of entitlement(COE) for a car in Singapore is currently priced around $30,900 whereas COE for motorcycles are now around $8,000. Other than that, you still need to buy the motorbike, pay for the registration fee, additional registration fee, road tax, pay for bike lessons, get motorcycle insurance, include maintenance fees, parking fees and petrol cost. Is the convenience and freedom worth the price? Only you can decide.

3. Lifestyle and Usage

Are you using your bike mainly for commute? Will you be fine to let your partner/friends/family members be your pillion rider? Is having nights out drinking a big part of your lifestyle? Consider carefully how often you will use the bike and whether its utility value is worth the price and risk you are taking on the roads. Motorbike Lifestyle

4. Family approval

Those who care about you may not be enthusiastic about your bike-riding ambition. You are likely to be faced with objections from your family and partner due to their impression of how bike-riding can be dangerous. Be sure to consult them before you put down the money and regret later.

5. Choosing the right bike for you

Bikes come in different types and sizes, and knowing your purpose of purchasing the bike can help you narrow down your choices. If you are using it for daily commute, a large bike may not be the best on the road. If sending your teenage child to school on your bike is something you’d like to do, a sports bike may not be your best choice as well. Overall, you should consider the design, size and fuel economy of the bike for your choice. Choosing the right bike for you Most people would like to get a brand-new bike as well, but that may not be the most economic choice, especially if you are a new rider. On the other hand, older bikes are more susceptible to repair and maintenance cost, so consider your options wisely.

6. Securing motorcycle insurance coverage

Finally, one of the most important aspects of buying a motorcycle is securing the all-important insurance coverage. It goes without saying that motorcycle insurance goes hand in hand with ownership. No matter how defensive you are on the road, you’re not shielded from the recklessness of other riders and drivers. Obtaining a comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage will give you and your road machine utmost protection. It will help you safeguard your investment from not only theft and damage, but save you from the financial burden of paying for medical bills, damage to property, and other incidental charges in the event you are involved in an accident. An intelligent rider will not risk his life and limb. The first order of the day before ‘zooming’ out is to secure coverage from a trusted insurance provider. Expect problem-free insurance claims when you get your bike insurance from Direct Asia.

Prepare for the ride

Whether your reason for purchasing a motorcycle is to cut down the time of your daily commute or for your riding hobby, safety should always be your priority. If you’ve carefully evaluated the above factors and feel ready to comply 100%, then it’s time to visit the showroom. You’re about to reduce your traffic blues and go on a journey with your chosen mean machine. Enjoy the ride and stay safe! If you are a new motorcycle rider reading our article now, take action and apply for your motorcycle insurance with Direct Asia to ensure you get the best rates available! To find out how much your bike insurance cost, ask for a free quote now.