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A Good Driver is Likely to be Successful. Here’s Why

Successful Drivers in Singapore

You might have noticed that a person who drives a car tends to do a lot more; is more calm and relaxed in approaching things; and is generally not easily fazed by the daily iniquities of work and life. It is because of the driver’s behaviour and how this behaviour tends to permeate in every aspect of the driver’s life.

We’re talking about good drivers, of course, because bad drivers tend to have the exact opposite results. In some cases, these bad driving behaviours lead to road rage, which produce far more devastating outcome. An outcome that could easily be avoided by taking the following steps.

  • Get sufficient rest - lack of sleep leads to loss of control.
  • Limit alcohol - "Alcohol can make you rageful,"
  • Leave earlier for your destinations.
  • Play soothing music. This can really help.
  • Be aware of your driving.
  • Put pictures of your loved ones on the dashboard -- you want to come home to them.

Bad driving behaviour can cost you in more ways than you can imagine. Always think about this: even if no one gets hurt, the adverse impact in terms of fines, lawyers, court costs, damage to vehicles and insurance rates are not worth it.

On the other hand, it is a well-accepted axiom that if you’re a good driver, the likelihood that you’re going to be successful is high. Here are the reasons why.

1. Good Drivers are Reliable, Attentive and In-Control

Good Drivers are In Control

It is a laudable norm that if you’re the designated driver, you are in-charge of your passengers (family and friends, in most cases). They rely to you for safety and assurance that they will get to their destination. Good drivers are also attentive of the surrounding environment and very much in-control of everything that’s going on inside the vehicle. Someone who’s accustomed to being reliable, attentive and in-control get things done. They deliver what is required of them and doesn’t make excuses regardless of the obstacles. With this behaviour, success inevitably follows.

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2. Good Drivers are Mindful of Their Health

Healthy Lifestyle

He always makes sure that he’s in good condition before he takes the driver’s seat. He makes sure that his vision is not impaired and that he has the stamina to complete the journey – no matter how long it takes. In life, it’s important to take care of one’s health and well-being. All the determination, skill and talent that you possess will all be for naught if you neglect your health. A good driver has a healthy physical well-being, and with this, success inevitably follows.

3. Good Drivers are Focused and Determined

Stay Focus While Driving

A little force majeur on the road is not enough to make a good driver lose his focus. He deals with it. Gets on with it. And moves on. A good driver has a determined attitude of getting from point A to point B – traffic, road mishap or bad weather be damned. In life, this is called ‘keeping eye on the prize’. The journey to success is paved with disappointment, losers call it failure but good drivers call it feedback. With this focus and determined attitude, success inevitably follows.

4. Good Drivers are In It for The Long Haul

The thing about good drivers, they think long term. They take good care of their vehicles because they know they will still use it tomorrow, and the day after. They have their vehicles undergo regular maintenance check to ensure that it’s in tip top condition. And most of all, they are smart about their choice of car insurer. They go for a reliable insurer that provides customisable policies and personalised claims support because they know these are the things that truly matter. They do all of these because they are in it for the long haul. Just like in life, when you’re in it for the long haul, success inevitably follows.

Customisable Car Insurance

What other qualities of a good driver makes him successful? Sound off in the comments section below.

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