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Working Your Way Up... Stress Free!

Do you suffer from shoulder tension? Back pain? Neck aches? Well, you're not alone. Many office workers spend hours in front of their computers, probably without their keyboard and monitor adjusted to a ergonomic height, eating rushed lunches, walking to and fro in high heels or leather shoes that have no proper arch support, and worst of all, working for monster bosses that demand miraculous results in ridiculously short times. If anybody thinks a desk bound job is a cushy life, they should think again, because office work is not only stressful, it can be hazardous to health!

"What to do? Need to pay for house... car... insurance... wedding... give parents money... No money no honey!"

They work hard, to earn money, to pay for the lavish lifestyle, that they will never have the time to enjoy because they're busy working. Well, since stopping work is not an option, here are some tips on maintaining your sanity, improving your productivity and health!! while you're busy chasing your C's!

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Quick Tips to Be Stress Free

  1. Make sure your computer monitor is eye-level. As for your keyboard,  keep your elbows close to your body, and lift your arms forward 90 degrees. You should form an L-shape with your arms. Sit down on your chair, and make sure that your keyboard is at the level of your hands, and no higher. This will help prevent Carpel Tunnel Syndrome!
  2. After every hour, take a 5 mins break from staring at the computer screen. Scientists have found that for most people, the optimal concentration span is 80 minutes, so anything more than that would probably mean you're producing less than your 100%.
  3. To combat shoulder tension, stand with your feet hips distance apart, with your back flat against the wall. Lift both arms straight up, draw your shoulders up to your ears as your inhale and fill your chest with air. Exhale slowly, let your shoulders roll back and let them drop back down. Hold this position for 3 minutes, and work your way up to 5 minutes. The tingling sensation in your fingers and arms are normal, as is the "burn" after the first 30 seconds. You're basically bringing blood flow back to your tensed muscles, and when you release your arms, the surge of blood circulation will ease the neck/shoulder tension that is built up.
  4. Breathe. During stressful conditions, people tend to take shorter, more shallow breaths. This creates an internal environment that deprives that body of nourishing oxygen, and allows for more carbon dioxide to build up. Toxins do not get flushed out, and this results in opportunities for diseases to start and spread in the body. So if your bosses, clients or colleagues annoy you, remember to take a deep breath, and know that the moment of rage will pass, so long as you keep breathing!

If all that doesn't work, make sure you buy your weekly share of 4D and Toto. But since not everyone has Lady Luck smiling upon them, maybe take a vacation far away from the stressors of work. Travel, see the world, meet new people and see things from a different perpective! Just be sure to get a comprehensive travel insurance that covers any mishap that might occur on your trip. DirectAsia.com offers stress free insurance protection, all at the click of a mouse, so you can relax without concerns on your much needed vacation!