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Top Tips to Save More on Your Car | DirectAsia Insurance


Noble men and women of the C16th French Court believed that drinking gold would help them to stay young.  Outcome?  Not only did they not get to dwell at the fountain of eternal loveliness, but also the gold slowly killed them.  So here’s a New Year’s Resolution for you – no drinking gold this year!

There are better ways to get ahead. Buy a NEW comprehensive insurance policy with DirectAsia for your newer car (first registered between 2011 and 2016) – we will reward you with a free $100 FlashPay Card.*

Save More on Your Car  – DirectAsia’s Top Tips

1. Ditch The Racing Driver Habits

Aggressive driving gobbles gas - speeding, rapid acceleration and constant braking. According to the experts at fueleconomy.gov, measured driving ‘can lower your gas mileage by 33% at highway speeds and by 5% around town.’ It’s also safer for you and those around you, so you’ll save more than just money!

2. Love Your Tires

Tires are meant to get us where we want to go, so who cares if they are a little flat?  Your wallet cares. Check that your tires are inflated according to your car’s specifications or your fuel economy can suffer. In addition, if you’re tires are under or over inflated, you they can wear out faster.  Happy tires = happier bank balance.

3. Shed the Weight

Not you, you are looking great, we’re talking about your car. Extra weight has a negative effect on fuel economy plus wear and tear. Think sports bags, golf clubs, the microwave you’ve been meaning to give to a friend. Books, magazines, you name it - if it doesn’t need to be in the car – relocate it. You’ll feel better too, promise.

4. Idling. Just Say No We’re talking about waiting around with your motor running, the radio belting out and freezing cold air blasting your car to a temperature cold enough for a polar bear.  The definition of idle is unproductive or unhelpful and your dictionary is right. Idling is so bad that for every 30 minutes your car is waiting, your engine is sucking up 1-1.5 liters of petrol. And that’s without the aircon. Turn off your engine, open the windows, read a book instead?

Value For Money

At DirectAsia, we are committed to finding new ways to offer you real value for money. We offer excellent insurance delivered by local people who go the extra mile. See how you can benefit.

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