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Common FAQs of Covid-19 Travel Cover | What You Should Know


All You Need to Know About Direct Asia’s Covid-related Travel Cover

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It’s been close to 2 years since the first COVID-19 lockdown announcement in Singapore. This has curbed international travel plans and holiday visitations due to strict border measures. But, the good news is, Singapore has opened up Vaccinated Travel Lanes to allow for overseas travel — as long as you can show proof of full vaccination and a recent negative COVID-19 test.

Besides that, all travellers are advised to get COVID-related travel insurance to ensure you are protected if you contract the virus while on holiday abroad. Although these added requirements may change the way we travel, finding the right COVID-related travel cover is as simple as getting a standard travel insurance policy. Most important is that you choose an insurance provider you can trust!

With these obligations in mind, DirectAsia is now offering COVID-19 related travel insurance as part of Optional Benefits. This means you can add on COVID-19 travel cover to your single-trip policy for a maximum of 90 days for each overseas trip. 

But, what exactly is covered and what is not? Are extra expenses claimable if you need to quarantine while overseas? How about medical expenses incurred upon your arrival back to Singapore? 

Here, we’ve answered these common questions about our COVID-19 travel cover and all the essentials you need to know before you book your holiday overseas.

1. What is covered under DirectAsia’s COVID-19 Travel optional benefit?  

You will be covered for 3 main types of incidents, which include:

  • Medical expenses due to COVID-19
  • Trip delay or cancellations because of COVID-related matters
  • Emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains or local burial caused by the COVID-19 virus.

However, bear in mind that there are specific clauses under each incident type and certain limits that apply. 

2. What is not covered under DirectAsia’s COVID-19 Travel optional benefit?

You cannot make any travel claims under a few specific circumstances such as travelling against a doctor’s advice, or if you or your travel companion or family member are not fully vaccinated and do not meet the entry requirements of your holiday destination – including required documentation, pre-departure or post-arrival tests.

3. Are medical expenses due to isolation and/or quarantine overseas covered?

If you contract COVID-19 overseas and are required to self-quarantine, you could claim for reasonable standard room hotel costs and economy class transportation expenses back to Singapore that you might incur additionally.

Medical expenses overseas will also be covered as long as it’s deemed reasonable and within the cover limit of your policy.

4. How about medical expenses incurred if diagnosed with COVID-19 upon return to Singapore?

If you seek COVID-19 related medical treatment within 2 days from the date of your return, you could claim up to the plan limit as stated within your travel insurance policy. 

This includes costs of medical treatment during mandatory self-isolation whether it’s a Stay-Home-Notice or at a facility mandated by the Singapore government. However, this does not cover accommodation expenses.

Another important thing to note is that these claimable medical expenses are only valid for a maximum of 30 days from the day you touch down in Singapore.

Other Essential Details About Direct Asia’s COVID-19 Travel Insurance and Travelling Overseas

Besides the clauses and important details mentioned above, you should be aware that DirectAsia’s COVID-19 Travel optional benefit does not cover the multiple diagnostic tests that you’re required to take along your travel route, whether mandatory or voluntary.

Also, before you even think of crossing the seas, ensure that you are in good health and your digital certificate shows that you are fully vaccinated. It’s best to follow the health guidelines initiated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Singapore, to avoid the possibility of coming into close contact with someone carrying the COVID-19 virus.

On top of that, you should always stay sanitised and preferably keep your mask on when sightseeing in the country you visit. Follow our tips on staying healthy and happy while travelling to ensure you don’t fall ill. 

Travel with Peace of Mind

COVID-19 is a known and evolving pandemic that has affected travel worldwide, with continued spread and impacts expected. So, you should be more conscious of the risks involved and invest in protecting your health and finances too.

Not all travel insurance plans cover COVID-19-related problems and the devil is in the details when it comes to understanding what’s covered, destinations where it’s required, and the inevitable caveats that apply.

At DirectAsia, we offer you these additional benefits to ensure you don’t find yourself in a tough situation while on holiday. With the added assurance, our hope is that you enjoy your trip with total peace of mind.DirectAsia is currently assisting customers who wish to add on COVID-19 travel cover to their single-trip travel insurance policies (before travelling), or in need of further advice regarding COVID-19 related travel insurance. You can request for a direct quote or call us at +65 6665 5555 for further enquiries.