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Driving in School Zones - No for Selfish Driving - DirectAsia

Singapore School Crossing

Singapore. Come on now.  We take great pride in our school systems. Each year our schools gain the world’s attention with their stellar test results. Our kids study hard, go for tutoring and commit themselves fully to their educations just to try to get into the advanced secondaries. And how do we reward them? By driving selfishly through school zones.

A Bad 6 Months

The Traffic Police released results to the Straits Times…and it’s grim. We drive selfishly when it comes time to pass through school zones.

110 errant drivers caught in the first 6 months alone!

People are speeding, running red lights, tailgating and worse. Running a red light through school crossings will be 13 demerit points - an instant dismissal of license. A good penalty, pity it doesn’t affect drivers of all levels.

Slow it down

You love your job that much, is it? Just can’t wait to get in and get started on the day? Anxious you’ll have to walk a bit further if you get a worse parking spot?

These are our children. Full of potential and future.

We only have this new data because a driver already took the lives of two brothers last year who were cycling across the road. Do we need more before we learn our lesson?

The solution is simple. Drive like you just dropped of your own kids. Don’t have your own? Pretend it’s a niece or nephew…the cute one you really love, not the hyper one you don’t like being around :)

Would you rush if they were right by your car? Would you run a red light? Would you drive aggressively? Of course not. If yes, please just stop driving.

It’s so easy to solve this problem.

Just drive decently. Consider of the needs of others. And maybe try to acknowledge that our cramped city contains more than just you.

Sounds too mean?

Good. When you drive selfishly…you’re being selfish. It’s not complicated. When you speed through school zones not only are you a dangerous driver, you’re a dangerous driver who’s incapable of considering the pain and devastation you’d cause by taking away someone’s hope and future.

We insure safe drivers at DirectAsia.com. That lets us help people save. Those who like to speed through school zones are NOT safe drivers. If you drive safely and feel similarly, speak up. Let unsafe drivers know how selfishly they’re acting. When we stay silent and tolerate their behaviour it continues and grows. Speak up about this. Our kids shouldn’t have to walk to school through danger zones.