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7 Clever Ways to Slash Your Car Expenses (It Works!)

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 00:20

So you managed to pull off that impressive feat of buying a car in Singapore. Awesome! Now we’re off to maintaining it. Just like any prized possession, you want to be able to make full use of it – constantly – and be able to maintain it in its most pristine condition possible. But how can you do it without incurring too much expenses to the point that it becomes a headache instead of a source of pride and comfort? If you’re stuck in an unending cycle of daily cash outs, then these clever ways to slash your car expenses might just be a life saver.

1. Be a smooth driver

Did you know that speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking are some of the quickest ways to waste petrol? According to studies, such aggressive driving habits can lower your gas mileage quite significantly. Be a responsible driver – it goes a long way.

2. Find the cheapest petrol in a snap

The good thing about competition is that it drives prices down. Pair that with technology and it’s a win-win for car owners like you. In Singapore, there are apps that provide information on petrol prices based on location and type. Examples of these apps include Singapore Petrol Price, SG Petrol Prices and Fuel-Me-Up {SG}. Review these apps and choose one that’s best for you. You see, there’s no need to be stuck buying from the same gas station if there’s a cheaper, better alternative.

3. Keep your tires pumped up

Experts say ensuring that you’ve got correct tire pressure improve your gas mileage. Also, make sure that you properly inflate your tires to avoid a blowout, which could be costly and dangerous.

4. Spend smarter. Use cash back credit cards.

There are tons of options when it comes to credit cards. If you’re a car owner, get one that provides rebates and even discounts and use it for your regular petrol purchase instead of paying cash. Just make sure you pay your credit card bills on time to avoid interest charges and penalties.

5. Make the owner’s manual your best friend

Your vehicle manual contains all the necessary and reliable information to ensure that your vehicle delivers optimum performance. If you want to have it serviced by your preferred mechanic, make sure that the service or repair to be performed is cross-checked with the manufacturer’s instructions for car maintenance to avoid any costly mistake. Be careful not to void your warranty coverage as it can save you huge sum of money later on.

6. Learn some DIY.

Self-Help or Do-It-Yourself is the way to go these days. Routine car maintenance services like replacing a headlight or taillight bulb, changing wiper blades, checking fluid levels and adding air to tires are so easy to do you will be surprised why you’re not doing it yourself all along. If you don’t know where to start, go to YouTube or online tutorials to learn how. Pay highly trained specialists only if your vehicle requires expert-level maintenance.

7. Switch to car insurance that works better.

Every smart car owner knows the importance of having car insurance. However, just like maintaining your vehicle, it could be costly if you’re not clever. Don’t just automatically renew your car insurance. Check if your insurer offers customisable policies (so you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need) and personalised claims support (so you can get your money’s worth and faster claims without wasting time). Also consider buying direct from your insurer as you would typically save more money and time dealing directly instead of going through a third party. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with an inflexible car insurance policy that doesn’t work for your needs and paying too much for it.

What’s your biggest car expense and how do you try to reduce it? Tell us in the comments section below.

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