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Safety First, Specialist motorbike helmet tips - DirectAsia

Wed, 11/18/2015 - 04:00
If you love math or economics, you are probably now calculating exactly what you think your brain is worth. Lifetime salary + HDB + motorcycle… OK we’re getting carried away. Let’s make it simple. Your brain is priceless, so are your arms, legs and everything else that makes life worth living. The best way to buy a motorcycle helmet is not to opt for something cheap. Your brain is certainly worth more than the price of a good helmet. And because we like you just the way you are, here are DirectAsia’s expert safety tips to help you get ahead (we know…terrible pun…)

Full Face vs Open Face

“Motorcycle accidents often result in head injuries and the common impact areas are the rider's face. Full face motorcycle helmet protects your chin unlike an open-face motorcycle helmet.” helmetboys.com

Getting The Right Fit

“Different brands suit different heads, and while one rider may prefer a Shoei, another might only be comfortable in a Shark. A lid should be tight - they do give a little - but not to the point of discomfort, so when trying one on for the first time don't just attempt to shove it on - pull apart the opening whilst holding the strap and the helmet should pop onto your head. Give it a juggle to get comfy and try holding it still whilst moving your head around inside - if you can it's too big. If all feels good have a go with the chin strap. Many people prefer the convenience of a seat-belt type fastener, while others would argue that a double-D ring system can be more secure.” singaporebikes.com

Standing Out From The Crowd

“Why stick with a plain black helmet that half the biker population tends to wear? The more colorful the helmet, the more visible you are to other drivers, especially in crowded road situations or poorly-lit conditions. Many bikers think that everyone can see them on the roads when they’re all decked up in hipster black- that’s so far from the truth. A brightly-colored helmet and strong headlight/brake light help greatly to improve your road presence.” A Practical Guide For Motorcycle Owners In Singapore, iantan.org
DirectAsia Legal Advice: Your helmet must have the PSB approval to be legal in Singapore.

Getting Insurance That Works For You

Buying motorcycle insurance with DirectAsia is simple. Choose the plan you want. Add an additional driver for free. Pay the way you want. You are insured! And you can choose your own workshop. We make insurance better, so you have more time for your favourite bike.