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Cheaper Motorcycle Parking Rates in Singapore


How to Get Better Motorbike Parking Rates in Singapore (2022)

Parking fees are an extra daily expense that motorists can’t avoid. Unless you decide to use public transport to work of course.

And while car drivers may consider $10 for all-day parking reasonably cheap, surely motorcyclists shouldn’t have to pay that much. So, we’ve put together a list of parking spots to consider, if you own a motorcycle and want to get better parking rates in Singapore.

HDB Season Parking for Motorcycles

If there is a HDB parking lot nearby, that’s always a good choice to park your motorcycle at a cheaper rate. Season parking at HDB areas in Singapore costs between $15 per month for unsheltered carparks or $17 per month for sheltered spots.

You could even top up to concessionary season parking (CPST) for $20 per month, allowing you to park at white motorcycle lots at all HDB carparks as well as most Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) carparks.

You can apply for HDB season parking to get better motorbike parking rates via HDB’s e-Service or via the mobile app Mobile@HDB.

Coupon Parking for Motorcycles

Another good option for parking your motorcycle is the 65-cent HDB or URA parking, payable by coupon. You can buy the parking coupons at authorised sale outlets. This includes Cheers, 7-Eleven, most petrol kiosks and other appointed sale outlets that display the “authorised coupon” signboard at their premises.

With a coupon, you can leave your motorcycle parked at a URA/HDB parking lot from 7 am to 10.30pm or overnight from 10.30pm to 7am the following day. This is definitely the most cost-effective option for motorcycle riders that wish to park at open-air carparks in Singapore, such as the downtown area.

Free Motorcycle Parking in Singapore

Do you know there are a few parking areas around the island where you can park your motorcycle for free? These carparks do not have any parking fee imposed from Monday to Sunday including public holidays.

Here is where you can find free motorcycle parking spots in Singapore:

E Hub Downtown EastEsplanade
IKEA AlexandraIKEA Tampines
Jelita Cold StorageJunction Nine
Kallang Wave MallKinex
Labrador ParkLiang Court
Marina SquareMillenia Walk
Singapore ExpoSuntec City
The ChevronsJurong Central Park (McDonalds)

Ultimate Bonus: Free Parking for Motorcycles at Orchard

Many people in Singapore will notice that there aren’t any parking lots for motorbikes at Orchard Road? However, if you’re willing to walk 10 to 15 minutes to your destination, you can easily find free parking for motorcycles here.

These are a couple options of where to go:

  • If you’re headed to Orchard Central, where Somerset 313, Peranakan Place and the Heeren are located, you can park for free at Concorde Hotel.
  • If you’re headed to ION Orchard, park at the Anguilla Park open air URA car park beside Wheelock Place.

There are also several URA lots behind Lido and Pacific Plaza on Claymore Hill and Claymore Road, close to the Tanglin Club and the American Club. These parking lots usually see less traffic than Anguilla Park and are worth a try if you’re tired of waiting for a spot.

Park with Peace of Mind

While in the past, it was easy to find free parking for motorcycles in most shopping centers, it seems this is no longer the case now. Motorcycle parking rates at malls in Singapore can go as high as $6 for 2 hours.

So, if parking in a mall gets expensive, you can always seek out URA/HDB open air carparks using the parking.sg app.

Do you know of other areas that offer free parking for motorcycles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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