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8 of the Best Asian Cities for Singaporean Foodies


If there is anything that exemplifies Asian diversity perfectly, it’s the cuisine. There are countless of wonderful and mouth-watering dishes to sample all over the continent. With so many different Asian countries offering dishes you can’t really find anywhere else in the world, we have compiled a list of the best countries in Asia where Singaporean foodies can get their fix on the finest Asian food available. We based our list on 4 basic criteria: affordability, accessibility, diversity of dishes, and iconic status.

Where Should Singaporeans go to for Food Trip in Asia?Here is our list of the best destinations in Asia for a food adventure:

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Night Market

Thailand is home to one of the most iconic food destinations in Asia. From popular night markets to the city’s trendiest restaurants, the Bangkok food scene is a favourite amongst Singaporeans. Do note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has put out a travel notice for Thailand. Aside from remaining vigilant, make sure you get travel insurance before taking a trip to Thailand.

2. Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam Street Food

Another great destination to travel to is Hanoi, Vietnam. Hanoi has gotten a lot of buzz for its local cuisine recently and with good reason. Any foodie will enjoy exploring the numerous night markets in Hanoi serving up authentic and affordable Vietnamese cuisine.

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3. Taipei, Taiwan

ShiLin Night Market

Taipei is another culinary hub Singaporean foodies should enjoy. The Taiwanese love to snack and it’s very apparent in their various indulgent food streets. From steamed bun sandwiches to stinky tofu, Taipei’s food offerings should not be missed.

4. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Insadong Sanchon

From traditional Korean barbeque to modern fried chicken, Singaporeans surely enjoy their Korean dishes. There is no better place to experience South Korean cuisine and culture than in Seoul. Foodies will definitely adore the various food neighbourhoods in this very vibrant capital of South Korea.

5. Osaka, Japan

Japanese Sushi

Japan is a culinary mecca for a lot of foodies and there’s no better city to explore Japan’s dining scene than in Osaka. Also known as the kitchen of Japan, Osaka’s mouth-watering culinary offerings range from street food to formal Japanese dining that will make foodies of all ages surely enjoy the city.

6. Shanghai, China


Chinese cuisine may be readily available in Singapore but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting Shanghai. From familiar dishes to more exotic delicacies, Shanghai is an essential travel destination for Singaporeans who love Chinese food.

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7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Roast Duck

If there is one country in Asia that rivals the Singaporean dining scene, it’s Hong Kong. Hong Kong offers tourists an amazing and iconic dining experience. The city is abundant with culinary selections that any foodie will revel in.

8. Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey Sweets

Istanbul is a city that is literally in two continents. It’s where Europe meets Asia which makes it a very interesting culinary destination. With such a rich history and exotic flavours, Turkish cuisine is ideal for the adventurous foodie.

A food tour in any of these destinations will certainly be a delicious way to learn about Asian culture and history. The best advice is to ask family and friends for any tasty tips they can share with you. Do, however, take the proper precautions when dining in night markets and food carts on the street. Check the food for freshness, always bring bottled water with you, and only purchase food from clean vendors.

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