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Travel ideas for your next trip to Malaysia | DirectAsia

Malaysia itinerary

Singaporeans love Malaysia, don’t we? As one of the nearest travel destinations from Singapore, Malaysia makes the perfect choice for a short trip that is pocket-friendly as well.

While we all might already be all-too-familiar with the day trip to Johor Bahru for some good food and cheap shopping, Malaysia as a country offers much more than just that. Whether you are looking for a quick weekend getaway, a diving trip or a kid-friendly travel destination, Malaysia has it all! So here’s a look at 7 different ways to experience Malaysia for your next trip!

1. Escape the heat at Cameroon

Can’t bear with the heat on our tropical island? You don’t need to go far to experience cool weather. In fact, a number of places in Southeast Asia offer a milder climate and one of it is Cameroon Highlands. The weather here is cool throughout the year, averaging between 18 to 24 degrees.

The place is ideal for a weekend family trip with lots of kid-friendly activities available. One of the highlights of a trip to the Cameron Highlands is the chance to visit the Boh Tea Plantation. There, you’ll find lush green terraces and learn how tea is harvested and grown. Picking your own strawberries at one of the few strawberry farms, a visit to the lavender garden and tasting local food at the night market will make your weekend there a fun-filled one.


2. Beach Getaway at Langkawi

Just 1.5 hours by flight, Langkawi is often overlooked as a weekend getaway compared to some of its counterparts. The short flight time and convenient location mean Singaporeans can take off Friday evening and head back on a Sunday night for a restful weekend!

For a simple but chill weekend, hang around the Pantai Cenang beach for a swim or partake in water sports such as jet skiing and paragliding. After watching the beautiful sunset on the beach, head down to Ayer Hangat Market for some cheap and authentic street food. Don’t forget a visit to the cable car and sky bridge as well!

3. KL - same place, new activities

You might have gone to KL for the nth time, but do you find yourself going to the same shopping malls and eating at the same restaurants every time? Why not try something different the next time you are there?

Perhaps a visit to the husky cafe, Batu caves or eating street food at Jalan Alor? And instead of shopping at Pavilion or Mid Valley, what about a visit to the Central Market to appreciate some local crafts, and visiting the Taman Connaught market to shop and eat like a local?


4. Road Trip to Malacca for the family   

Night markets. Chicken rice balls. Jonker Street. Welcome to the historic city of Malacca, the sleepy little sister of KL, and a great holiday spot that’s just a 3.5-hour drive from Singapore. For those who haven’t visited Malacca for years, it’s probably time to go back again! There’s plenty to see, buy, do and eat, so adults and kids will certainly find themselves well-entertained for a few days.

A walk down Jonker street is definitely something to do for all the knick-knacks and mouth-watering street food. For something a little different, take a short drive out to the Padang Pasir Keblang Melaka for a picture with the white sand dunes. And before you think that Malacca only has old, historical buildings, surprise yourself with the Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall which is a modern shopping mall with brand shops, cinema, skating rink and kiddy rides for the little ones.

5. Food Galore in Penang

Singaporeans are well-known foodies they will even travel for food! Nothing seems to make us happier than being able to eat good food, especially if they are at pocket-friendly prices as well!


The streets of Penang city are renowned as a food paradise due to its diversity. There is literally no lack of food options here! You’d have to forgo the aircon though, since most of the delicious food in Penang are served on food trucks or hawker centres!

If you are looking for food centres/food streets to try a variety of dishes, you can go to:

  • New Lane Hawker Centre
  • Gurney Drive Hawker Centre
  • Long Beach Food Court
  • Chulia Street Night Hawker Stalls
  • Kimberley Street food night market

Some famous dishes you should not miss include:

  • Assam Laksa
  • Rojak at Chulia Street Hawker (Hock Seng)
  • Char Kuay Teow
  • Lor Bak at Kheng Pin Kopitiam
  • Lok Lok
  • Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendol at Joo Hooi Cafe:
  • Oyster Omelette
  • Air Itam Sister Curry Mee

6. Climbing Mount Kinabalu

Looking for a physical challenge for yourself? Gather a few friends and give Mount Kinabalu a shot! Mount Kinabalu is one of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia. At 4,095.2m above sea level, the climb is definitely not for the faint-hearted. A Mount Kinabalu summit climb takes at least two days and one night, and sleeping overnight at mountain accommodation is mandatory.


You will need to put in time to train for this, and the best place to climb the mountain is to do it via a package from a tour operator. You’d need to fly into Kota Kinabalu and stay a night before heading to Mount Kinabalu which is about 2 hours away.

For such an adventure, not all insurance offers coverage for it. While cheap travel insurance is always an attractive option, be sure to do some travel insurance comparison prep work and ensure that you are covered for extreme sports.

7. Seek out Marine Life in East Malaysia

Diving in Malaysia is suitable for all levels of divers as waters are generally calm. Water temperature is warm about 28-30°C and most dive sites can be easily accessed by speed boats.

Of particular interest to seasoned divers would be in East Malaysia. You can head to Miri in Sarawak to dive at the Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park. Better yet, Sabah gives you access to world-class diving at Sipadan Island, Layang-Layang Island and Mabul Island. Do notes that you’d need to dive with operators with access to diving permits since these are limited on a daily basis.

A trip to Malaysia is definitely less than boring! With plenty of different activities to do, our neighbour here makes an excellent holiday location that is truly affordable. It’s proximity also cuts down on travel time, making it a great destination for weekend trips and extended long weekends.

But don’t let the shorter distance fool you from not taking a travel insurance. The same complications can occur – delayed flights, lost luggage and sickness while travelling are not excluded! Compare travel insurance plans and determine the coverage available  & remember to check out our travel insurance discounts when you sign up as a group or family!