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5 Simple Tips to Help You Sell Your Car Successfully

5 Simple Tips to Help You Sell Your Car Successfully

Maybe you are looking to buy a new car, or perhaps you are looking to go back to the days of taking public transport. Much like selling a house, you can always make the selling process much more efficient with simple touch-ups to make your car more attractive to prospective buyers!

1. Give it a thorough wash

The first impression counts, and you definitely don’t want to show up with a dirty-looking car. Giving your car a good wash and making it look shiny will make the buyer note that your car has been well maintained. To wash your car well, you only need about some time, soap water and a microfibre. If you prefer, you can also head to the car wash and even get your car waxed for the glossy look. Washing your car is probably the easiest thing to do to make your car more attractive to its new buyer.

2. Cleaning out the interior

Of course, don’t expect a used-car buyer to simply judge a book by its cover. Many of them are wary about paying too much for an old car that could be defective. Most of them would have done their research online and know what to look out for. Instead of focusing on the exterior only, you’d also want to make sure the interior of the car is as good as it looks on the outside.

The least you could do it to vacuum the car and give the carpet within a good shake. Don’t neglect the car seat as well - cracked leather and soiled seats are the best reasons for a prospective buyer to bargain for a lower price so make sure you take care of that. Last but not least, put a freshener to make your car smell fresh! It’s a small touch but it can do wonders!

3. Servicing

Some sellers may feel that servicing the car before selling is unnecessary, but it can actually add value. You can simply take your car to your workshop for a routine check and you can at least show to the buyer that you’ve done what you can to ensure that you are keeping your car in good condition. A good condition engine will certainly give you the chance to obtain more value for the car you are selling, since that’s what many second-hand car buyers look for.

4. Upsell

Of course, you’d need to get your car “out there” if you want people to know that you are selling your car. In this digital age, using social media platforms can do wonders. Share it with your personal network and even on sites like Carousell.

Other than making sure that the photos you take of your car showcase the best angles in the right lighting, you can also highlight non-price related details that can be attractive. For instance, you can use words like “accident-free”, “lightly-used”, “custom-made” to describe your car.

Most prospective buyers will also ask the seller why they want to sell their car, so prepare your story. Don’t lie about it, but try not to tell stories that include unfortunate accident or bad luck since it’ll likely scare buyers off.

5. Prepare for the bargain

In Singapore, it is common that people like to bargain, especially if they are buying second-hand products. So even if it can be unpleasant for you, you’d need to prepare for it. If you’ve done the steps above, you can counter the bargains by offering extras instead of straight discounts.

For example, you could offer to upgrade the radio system or transfer a car wash service package if you have one. Obviously these are costs that you’ll have to consider but these could likely cost less than giving a cash discount. Remember, do not budge on what you know to be the right value of your used car. If you’ve built in a higher asking price in anticipation of a discount, you shouldn’t lower the price too early. This will give the buyer the impression that they could bargain even more.

Remember that when you sell your used car, the car insurance that goes with it cannot be transferred to the next car owner. Also, if you intend to buy a new car, you’d need to buy a new car insurance as well. Get a happier quote with DirectAsia and feel free to call us at 6665 5555 if you have any queries about getting your next car insurance!