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6 Ways Drivers Can Keep Pests Away from their Cars

Keep Your Car Clean

Singapore is renowned for being one of the cleanest cities in the world. However, pests still find their way into our cars and homes. They enter cars because they are looking for food, hiding from predators, or building a nest. They can enter cars through open windows, cable holes, air vents, pedal shafts, and steering columns. This makes pests such as ants, mice, rats, cockroaches, and termites are a big nuisance for car owners.

Not only are they incredibly disgusting but they also transmit diseases and can do some serious damage to your vehicle. Rats and mice can chew through vital electrical wires that can affect how your vehicle runs. This makes it all the more important to keep pests from ever entering your car. Prevention is key when it comes to car pest control. In this article, we help you out with some tips you can use to keep pests away from your car.

1. Don't Leave Food in Your Car

As much as possible, avoid leaving food and used to-go containers in your vehicle. Containers such as used coffee cups have food residue that may still attract insects and critters. Make sure you dispose of these as soon as you can and avoid keeping them in your vehicle overnight. Every time you leave your vehicle, do a quick scan to ensure that you haven’t left any food or trash behind.

2. Vacuum Your Car

Vacuum Your Car

It goes without saying that maintaining your car’s cleanliness is the first step in keeping critters away. Food remnants attract pests such as cockroaches, rats, mice, and ants. It may be impossible to keep a family car free from food which is why it is vital that you vacuum the inside of your vehicle regularly depending on your car use. Don’t limit the vacuuming to car seats. Car mats and floors should also be vacuumed to ensure that no food particles are left in your vehicle.

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3. Sanitise

Vacuuming may keep the crumbs away but your vehicle’s surfaces may still have food residue. Wipe the steering wheel, dashboard, and other interior surfaces with a cloth or sponge and some mild cleaner. This will ensure that the all the surfaces of your vehicle are spotless and won’t attract any pests.

4. Close All the Openings of Your Car

Close Car Window

Car openings serve as an invitation for unwanted pests to enter your vehicle which is why you should always secure all the openings of your vehicle properly. Windows, sunroofs, doors, as well as your car’s trunk should be closed when not in use.

5. Avoid Keeping Rubbish in Your Car

Rubbish in Car

Trash doesn’t necessarily have to contain food scraps for it to be appealing for rodents. Soft materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and air filters are often used by rodents to create a nest. Rodents use nests a shelter and breeding ground. This is why you can often find rodent pups in the nests.

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6. In Cases of Severe Infestation, Call a Professional

Once your vehicle is infested with pests and you think it is beyond your control, it may be time to call a professional. There are a number of car fumigation services available in Singapore that will be able to safely remove pests without damaging your car.

With these tips in mind, you can effectively keep pests at bay. You must always remember that pest prevention starts with keeping your car clean.

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