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Take Back Control of Your Driving: Car Insurance for Everyone!

As a motorist in Singapore, you can sometimes feel as if anyone but you is in control of your car. The LTA tell you if you can own and run a vehicle, petrol firms and government control how much you pay for fuel, and insurance companies dictate an often costly, narrow range of cover policies.

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Revolutionising Car Insurance

Here at DirectAsia.com we cannot do anything about the Certificate of Entitlement, or the mysteries of how petrol companies price their fuel. But we can give you real choice when it comes to choosing an affordable car insurance policy that suits your needs and gives you excellent customer service.

Control Cover, Control Costs

Our ‘standard’ car insurance policies are anything but standard when it comes to price and choice. Our easy, no fuss car cover is available as Comprehensive, Third Party Only, and Third Party, Fire and Theft. While Comprehensive gives you complete cover, TPO and TPFT are more affordable options that still give you a good level of protection on the road. You can then choose any Optional Benefits you need or want.

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Low Mileage Driver?

But such policies are not ideal for all drivers. If you drive fewer than 8,000km a year – as may be the case for Off Peak Drivers, those who seldom drive, or those who run a second family car – then our Low Mileage Insurance product could be perfect.

Giving High Risk Drivers a Second Chance

And at DirectAsia.com we have made it easier for those with a less-than-perfect driving record to get covered again. Our SOS Car Insurance helps you get back on the road if you have had two or more at-fault accidents, or if you've made multiple claims on your insurance. It prevents the need to do things like transfer car ownership to a spouse (and all the loans that may go with it) in order to get covered. We want to see you back on the road, and for a fair premium, our SOS Car Insurance will help you get there.

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Pay Only For What You Need

At DirectAsia.com, you can choose a number of Optional Benefits, too, so you can create a car insurance product that truly meets your needs – and your budget.

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If you've never been insured with us before, welcome to DirectAsia.com. We're proud to offer a range of policies that give Singaporean drivers the best choice, the best cover and the best prices.

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