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What Do Customers Think of DirectAsia.com’s Services? Drumroll Please…

Fri, 01/18/2013 - 10:00
We love making the claims process as easy and stress-free as possible – so much so, we decided to ask some of our happy customers to talk about their experiences when making a claim with DirectAsia.com. You can tell from this video just how much customer service means to Singaporeans. But it’s not just about politeness – we have lots of that – it’s about really making sure that when something happens, such as a car accident or illness, people get the service they expect and deserve. And they get it in the most direct, hassle-free way possible. The human touch can really lift spirits when something goes wrong. Falling ill far from home, for example – as in the case of our customer who visited Thailand – can sometimes be a stressful experience. But knowing that a dedicated team like that at DirectAsia.com is just a phone call away can really help to minimising the stress – whether you make contact at the time or when you return. We keep up regular contacts with customer following a claim so they know what is happening throughout the process. The satisfaction of the customers in this video is what makes us tick here at DirectAsia.com. But we get positive feedback in lots of other ways too. Whether it is on-site testimonials and comments, emails, letters, tweets, or people talking to us on the phone and in person – we know that our fresh approach to insurance really resonates with our customers in Singapore. As our teams have discovered, there’s nothing better than a satisfied customer. But it’s no good having fantastic customer service if you haven’t got equally fantastic insurance products. Fortunately, with no middleman, no commission, 0% monthly interest – and cover that rivals the best in Singapore – we can provide you with highly affordable, effective insurance too. Call us, tweet us, visit us… A lot of our business is carried out online through our website, but as this video shows, we place human communication at the heart of our products – in all its forms. Whether it is discussing your claim on the phone, answering your questions by email, or helping you in person at our walk-in centre, we like to think we’re not distant from you at all. In fact we’re just moments away! Add our love of Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus into the mix and you’re spoilt for choice for ways to get in touch with us, hear about our services and offers – or watch our videos of happy customers!