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Motorcycle Insurance Claims FAQs

Questions about how to make a motorcycle claim?

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Do I need to do anything if there's an accident and I settle a dispute amicably between myself and a third party?

If you settle the matter amicably with the other driver, then there is usually no need to make an insurance claim. You must still report the matter to us, though. It will NOT affect your No Claim Discount. Complete and send us a copy of the Private Settlement form when you're reporting the claim.

Do I need to pay any excess if my motorcycle is stolen in Singapore? How about if my motorcycle is stolen outside of Singapore?

Your own damage excess will be applicable in the event your motorcycle is stolen in Singapore. (You can refer to your certificate of insurance on how much your policy excess is). If your motorcycle is stolen outside of Singapore, an additional excess of 50% of the market value of your motorcycle at the time of the theft capped at a maximum of $2,000 will be applicable too.

Do I need to report all accidents to the police?

If someone is injured, then you'll need to report the accident to the police. If nobody is injured and you settle the dispute with the other driver amicably, then there's usually no need for police involvement. However, should a hit-and-run situation occur or a government vehicle/property, foreign vehicle, or pedestrian/cyclist be involved, you need to report this to the police.

What documents do I need to make a claim?

You will need to bring along copy of your Singapore Accident Statement (SAS), Certificate of Insurance and all other supporting documents (i.e. accident scene photos showing the position the vehicles, accident video footage or witness statement [if any]) and your accident vehicle to any of our Authorised Workshops to make a claim under your own policy. If you are unsure, please call us on 6532 1818 or email us at claim@directasia.com.

What happens if I have an accident while using the motorcycle for an undeclared usage?

If you have misdeclared your usage at the quotation stage, i.e. you are using your motorcycle frequently during the course of your work but only took private usage, or if you drive frequently to your work place but took only private usage, we reserve the right to reduce or reject your claim altogether. If you use your motorcycle outside of your declared usage and you forget to inform us beforehand, an additional excess of S$1,500 would apply if you are involved in an accident during this usage.

If you plan to use your motorcycle for food and/or parcel deliveries (e.g. GrabFood, Deliveroo, Food Panda etc.), or are already using your motorcycle for deliveries: please call 6665 5555 to inform us and to ensure you are appropriately covered. Otherwise, in the event of a claim, your claim may be rejected.

What if I have a motorcycle accident?

In the event of an accident stay calm and make sure everyone is safe. Do not discuss liability. Call us on 6532 1818 if you're in Singapore or at +65 6991 3555 (Overseas/Emergency) if you're in Malaysia or Thailand. When you phone us, our professional claims advisor will guide you. You are required by the General Insurance Association of Singapore to report an accident to your insurer within 24 hours (or the next working day) even when there is no damage. If not, your No Claim Discount (NCD) will be affected. More information about what to do in the event of an accident.

What if someone has been injured in my motorcycle accident?

If someone is injured or there has been a fatal accident, please do not attempt to move the injured or the vehicles. Call 999 first then call us on 6532 1818 in Singapore or +65 6991 3555 (Overseas/Emergency), we will send someone out immediately to help you.

Why do insurers sometimes declare vehicles a total loss?

If the repair cost is higher than the economic repair value, we may then settle the claim as a constructive total loss. The economic value is the difference between market value and residual value (COE and PARF).; You can, however, still have your vehicle repaired even when the cost is more than the economic repair value. The GIA recommends insurers pay the economic repair value plus 50% of the difference (up to $5,000) between the actual cost of repair and the economic repair value.

How do you obtain the market value of the motorcycle?

Our appointed surveyor will be checking various media ( print and online) for similar vehicles of the same/ make/ model and year to establish the prevailing market value of your motorcycle.

For complete information, see our Policy Documents & Wording