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Japan 101: What You Need to Know | DirectAsia Insurance

Wed, 01/18/2023 - 16:48

Source: Japan Rail Pass

Here’s some good news for Singaporeans who love everything Japanese. Japan has finally abolished its Covid-19 border restrictions and opened its doors to foreign travellers effective 11th October 2022. 

From now on you do not have to submit any pre-departure Covid tests as long as you have received three shots of any of the World Health Organisation approved vaccines. This decision applies to both individual and business travellers. Also, take note that visa requirements have been waived and the cap for daily arrivals in Japan has also been removed. 

Vaccinated Travellers 

If you have already gotten at least 3 vaccinations - the following will apply: 

  • Install the MySOS app or register at the Visit Japan Web
  • Pre-register your vaccination certificate 

Unvaccinated Travellers

If you have not gotten at least 3 vaccines - the following will apply:

  • Install the MySOS app or register at the Visit Japan Web
  • Upload a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of the flight

Vaccination and negative PCR submissions are allowed 2 weeks prior to travel, or up to 6 hours before your flight is scheduled to land. You should also note that, upon arrival, PCR tests will be conducted by border quarantine stations, for anyone that exhibits Covid-19 symptoms and/or fever upon landing. Once you have cleared Japanese customs and immigration, you will be required to follow the same Covid-19 guidelines such as wearing masks in public places as everyone else but it is not mandatory and you will not be denied entry into hotels and restaurants.

Source: BBC News

Singaporeans have more cause for celebration, as this decision also coincides with the Japanese yen dropping low against the Singaporean dollar, making travel to Japan more affordable for you. At the time of writing (Jan 2023), the currency ratio is S$1 to 97.55 yen which is still a very good rate. Plan your holiday now to enjoy the conversion benefits.
Now that you have been given the green light to travel to Japan, here’s what else you should take into consideration.

Travel Advice and Safety

While Japan has a low crime rate in general, petty theft is still likely at popular tourist attractions. Be alert always and watch out for the following:

  • muggings/bag snatchings at popular tourist spots
  • Overcharging, credit card fraud, drink spiking and assault at bars and nightclubs

Natural disasters


Local Laws

  • Always keep your passport with you
  • Monitor local media for any changes in Covid-19 measures
  • Do not use or carry drugs
  • No consumption of alcohol by minors. The legal drinking age is 20
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal no matter what your age
  • Smoking on the streets of Tokyo and some other cities is illegal

Insurance and Protection

Don’t let the negative aspects scare you away from visiting Japan. Travelling anywhere has its own risks and dangers, the best way to overcome that is to get a really comprehensive travel and/or personal insurance plan. At DirectAsia, we have a variety of travel insurance plans suited to a variety of needs, so look no further. 


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