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Mind these when making a travel insurance claim- DirectAsia

Mon, 04/29/2019 - 17:17

So your flight to Australia was delayed for more than 2 hours and you are glad you’ve bought a travel insurance before you go. Can you make a claim now? Or did you realised you could only make a claim if the delay was for more than 6 hours?

Well, anyone who bothered to read through their travel insurance policy knows just how many terms and conditions, limitations and exclusions there are. Of course, the cheaper the plan, the more likely that the coverage is minimal. So the key to making a smooth claim is to ensure you’ve got the right policy for you first.

Choosing the right travel insurance

While you might have found yourself comparing the price of travel insurance to make a decision, it really shouldn’t be the only determining factor in your purchase. You should look at the types of benefits and the coverage which are most important and relevant to you. You should also consider any exclusions and claim limits for each benefit.

For instance, if you find yourself travelling with budget airlines more than 50% of the time, you might consider a plan that comes with better benefits for travel delays. Or say you’ve put your pet dog in a pet hotel while travelling. Can you make a claim for the additional expenses for the pet hotel due to a delay in your coming home?

Or perhaps you are pregnant and going for your babymoon. Does your travel insurance provide coverage for any complications due to your pregnancy(a pre-existing condition)?  

Understand that part of making a successful travel insurance claim comes from getting a suitable travel insurance for you, and that reading the terms and conditions and understanding the fine prints are important.

How to make a travel insurance claim

Different insurers have slight differences in their claim procedures and documentation required, so make sure you’ve got what’s needed for a successful claim. Here’s a look at how you can make a travel insurance claim with DirectAsia:

  1. Contact your insurer

It is imperative to contact your insurer as soon as possible, within a maximum of 30 days, if something happens which may result in a claim. You can contact DirectAsia by phone or email claim@directasia.com.

2. Get the necessary documents to support your claim

You must inform the appropriate law enforcement and service providers at the time of loss within the timelines set out by your insurer. For instance, if there was a robbery during your travel, you’d need to make a police report and provide it to your insurer. If you were sick during your trip and is unable to continue with the rest of the trip, a visit to the doctor is necessary, together with a supportive letter in order to make claims for such matters.

Some common documents you’d need include:

  • receipts and itemized bills for all expenses (trip cancellation)
  • unused tickets, proof of purchase (trip cancellation)
  • explanation of diagnosis from a doctor (medical claims)
  • police reports (stolen baggage or car accidents)
  • proof from the airline that baggage was delayed

Do note that if the necessary documents were not provided, your claim might be rejected. It might be worth your time to also note down the personnel involved in providing the relevant documents.

3. Proof of loss

To help your insurer settle your claim, you need to prove that your loss happened. This may include evidence of the value of items involved in a claim, as well as other relevant information and documents that your insurer may reasonably require. Some examples of these include medical certificates or reports, medical history records, original or certified true copies of invoices, receipts and police or service providers’ reports. If medical attention is received following injury or sickness, you should pay and obtain receipted accounts.

After you’ve submitted all the relevant forms and documents, you’d need to now calmly wait and trust in your insurer to process your claims. Typically, claims can take anywhere from a week to a month to be processed. You need to make sure that your insurer has received all supporting documents since this is what they’ll need in order to start processing your claims.

While making insurance claims often seem like a hassle, you’d be glad that you’ve paid that small amount once you see your claim amounts coming in. So the next time you go overseas, don’t leave things to chance!

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