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Your Car Has A Life

Even a car with the finest engineering needs TLC. Your car gets thirsty, it needs cleaning and regular maintenance. Like any relationship, if you neglect your car, things will break down over time. Forget to set the correct tyre pressure and you could be storing up trouble.

“A new study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds that vehicles with underinflated tyres are three times more likely to be involved in an accident linked to tyre problems than those with tyres inflated to the correct pressure.” Detroit News

Thousands of dollars in damage that could be easily avoided with an extra minute or two at the petrol station.

Top 7 Car Safety Checks

Here is the DirectAsia’s handy guide to help you keep your car safe for every journey.

1. Annual brake check
Checking your brakes every year gives you advanced warning on issues with your car’s brake pads. Investing in an inexpensive break pad change can prevent much more expensive brake rotor repairs and even break failure when driving on a busy road.

2. Tyre air checks/rotating
Visually check your tyre pressure before you get into your car. Rotate tyres around every 9,000 km or as your manual recommends. Inconsistent wear is known to increase the speed at which tyres fail, as well as affecting the way the car responds.

3. Scheduled oil changes
Due to the stop-start nature of city driving, check your engine oil every 3-4 months or as your manual recommends. This helps to prevent engine failure or your car stalling at a dangerous moment.

4. Headlights

“A simple headlight/tail light check can be done even when you are alone. Simply turn on your full lights and walk around your vehicle to see if all taillights and headlights are illuminated. When you have someone riding as passenger, before entering your vehicle, simply ask them to have a look at your brake lights and turn signals as you operate them.” wheels.ca

5. Check your wipers
Given Singapore’s dramatic rainstorms, the last thing you want malfunctioning are windshield wipers. Often overlooked, wipers are cheap to replace. When you need them, they're a must.

6. Replace timing belt
Of the items on this list, the timing belt needs the least maintenance, but if it goes it can lead to a full engine failure. Be sure to have the belt checked regularly and replaced when your manual suggests.

7. Invest in proper maintenance
It's usually OK to have some minor things done at your local garage. But trusted professionals should handle larger repairs or complicated maintenance work. Check online reviews and invest to have it done right the first time. You don't want to be in on the road when you discover a corner has been cut.

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