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The Qantas Strike Left Us Stranded in Perth

Ten minutes to boarding, luggage is on the plane, we’re all set to go! Our Qantas flight from Perth to Singapore is on time, the kids are excited about their trip home and I take a last sip on my coffee. All is well.

Then crowds start to gather at the TV screen. Breaking news. All Qantas flights grounded. Surely not us, our bags are on the plane? We then see our bags being loaded off the plane as we, along with fellow passengers and Qantas staff, scramble for information.

Qantas Strike Stranded in Perth

Phone lines are jammed with customers trying to book flights on other airlines. We manage to get a flight out with SIA leaving in two days time. It’s a big outlay of cash and fortunately I know I’m covered on my Travel Insurance with DirectAsia.com.  But there are others who are not so fortunate… for them it’s a painful wait, hoping that Qantas will get in the air soon. Not only that, there’s accommodation and food bills to fork out for. Again we were lucky, we were able to take up Qantas’ offer of a hotel for a couple of nights. There were many, however, who were not so lucky… For a family of four your hotel and food expenses can easily add up to thousands of dollars for just one or two nights.

A dream trip could so easily turn into a nightmare. Knowing we were covered, though, meant we could make the most of being stranded in Perth. Having travel cover really did take the hassle and worry out of our holiday. It really does pay to take out Travel Insurance