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Types of motorbike Jackets to wear in the Singapore Heat

Last week we talked a bit about proper motorcycle footwear for Singapore. I’m still a bit haunted by the Google image search I ran on that one…so it’s good to move on this week :) Reader Steven asked us about jackets for warm weather riding. It’s a great question because we all often see riders out in t-shirts, singlets and other tops that make sense for the heat…but that will leave you hurting if you crash. Riding in the heat sucks. In Singapore there’s really no way around it. It’s the one time cages seem like a good choice. And here we have the heat AND humidity, so it’s not just hot, it’s hot and wet.

Vented for Your Pleasure

Thankfully today we have the option to wear air vented jackets on Singapore rides. Modern fabrics and production techniques allow us to get quite a bit of safety and protection while still keeping air flowing to your body. With air vents you get to experience the safety of full body cover with the added benefits of convective cooling at work to keep you from overheating. Jackets come in a variety of materials and styles. So you’ve got something to choose from no matter what your personal, riding or other style. No excuses…wear a jacket when you’re out!

Over 34 Take Extra Care

According to a very solid study undergone by the Iron Butt Riders about long distance riding in warm weather we lose a lot of the benefits of air flow once the temperature climbs over 34 degrees. Basically the air starts getting too warm to help cool the body off. Of course any air flow will beat none at all, but at these temperatures if you’re planning a longer, island crossing ride it’s good to look into supplements. Over 34 degrees you might want to consider wearing wicking undergarments (like rash guards from sports stores), helmet liners, bringing extra water, and possibly wrapping yourself with wet towels. They are looking at the effects of LONG rides so we’re not saying you need to wrap yourself in towels for a trip to the corner grocery, but still ATGATT.

Some Options:

Roland Sand Barfly Perforated Jacket – Classic leather motorcycle jacket looks cut with perforations in the chest and arms. Mesh liner inside ensures summer riding air flow too. REV’IT Windsor Jacket – Lightweight jacket in what they call summer colours and an air vent system in the chest make this warm looking jacket much, much cooler than you’d assume. Aether Canyon Motorcycle Jacket – Water and wind resistant with a material that claims to help repeal heat from ever being absorbed in the first place, while also being abrasion resistant.  The most expensive jacket listed here, but one of the most modern looking. Alpinestars Viper Air Jacket – If you’re a sport bike rider looking to keep cool, the Viper is your jacket. Armour everywhere you need it and reinforced in the key areas. If you’re OK with the oversized branding this is a great jacket. REV’IT Manzoni Jacket – A bit broader in the shoulders but still with slimming tailor fit in the middle, the Manzoni is described as a casual urban summer jacket. It’s free of branding and has little useful additions like armour pockets and even a cover for the zipper so you won’t scratch your tank! Dainese Spedio D-Dry Jacket – Major ventilation but with materials that are still waterproof, this could be an ideal jacket for riding in Singapore’s heat. A sportier style jacket with tons of adjustment spots all around to ensure the best fit.

Keep Yourself Covered

We know it’s hot out when you’re riding, but try and keep yourself covered out on the roads at all times. And that definitely applies to motorcycle insurance. Switch to DirectAsia.com and save up to 25% on your motorcycle cover. If you’re a safe rider there’s no reason not to give it a try. We even have a Best Price Guarantee! Have any favourites of your own? How are you staying cool while also staying protected?