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The future that we’re only dreaming about is here. With the slew of hot new car gadgets and features available in the market today, you would think that technology has really come a long way. Here’s a rundown of some of the most interesting ‘tech toys’ you would want to have for yourself. Just be careful not to stretch your budget too much lest you might find yourself not being able to buy some petrol to drive your shiny new vehicle around.

A car camera that sees ‘everything’

Well, not literally everything but at least, everything around the car, and not just the usual rear and front view. Some car manufacturers are equipping their vehicles with cameras that allow drivers to see an all-around view, not to mention sensors that can actually detect when you’re about to hit something.

A self-cleaning window

There are now “hydrophobic” windows which basically stops stuff like dirt, rain and other debris from even touching your prized windows. Keeping it clean without you actually having to do anything at all. Now, that’s neat.

A smart device interface on your vehicle screen

A number of car manufacturers are now offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Connectivity that basically replicates your smartphone’s interface on the vehicle’s display screen for easy, safe, and convenient access. With this, you can make/receive call, listen to music or launch an app via the screen or voice commands.

A more advanced telematics system

Vehicle telematics is a term used to describe electronic technology involved in our cars such as emergency warning system, GPS navigation, wireless safety communications and automatic driving assistance systems. Because of the advancement in cell phones and Internet connectivity, expect more sophisticated data recording and transmission. This should translate to benefits for motorists not only in terms of safety but economy as well. For example, you could potentially pay for a car insurance premium based on how or how much you drive – i.e., the better driver you are, the lower premium you pay.

A technology that recycles energy and saves gas

Some cars available in the market today has a technology that stores kinetic energy every time it breaks then converts that energy to electricity which you can use to power AC systems, headlights and even your car audio. How about that to save on fuel and precious bucks along the way?

A smart system for parallel and perpendicular parking

Driving is fun but parking can be less so. Luckily, many car manufacturers these days include parking assist technology wherein it automatically finds a space available and perform an impressive parallel park maneuver without scratching anyone’s bumper. Some car makers are even gearing up to make the vehicles park themselves with the help of an app.

A Bluetooth-enabled sensor for your tire

A particularly useful and hassle-free gadget most drivers will find good to have is a tire pressure monitoring system. It’s a set of Bluetooth-enabled sensors that sends data of tire pressure and temperature back to your phone. This way, you can avoid any potential issues as you can mitigate them ahead of time.

There are many more exciting new features and gadgets coming to the market, almost on a daily basis. However, what’s more important is making sure that you only get what’s beneficial for you. Much like choosing or renewing your car insurance in Singapore, you win if you will get one with the best pricing (save money on premiums) and offers excellent service (personalized support for claims). If you do this, the benefit for you, which is peace of mind, will be well worth every cent that you spent.

What hot new car gadget or feature are you most excited about? Share us in the comments section below.

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