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There are two kinds of people. Us and them. Low risk and high risk drivers. It’s never great to be stamped with a label. And if you have been labeled high risk you know what I mean.

What Is A High Risk Driver?

Some insurance companies think drivers with a poor driving record are risky to insure. You may be considered a high-risk driver if you have:

  • Received multiple speeding tickets or other traffic citations
  • Had one or more car accidents
  • Been convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI)/Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • Just received your driver’s license
  • A poor credit history

That’s when DirectAsia’s SOS Car Insurance is here to help.

Must Have Car Insurance

If you are a motorist with some dings on your driving record, you might think it’s too expensive to get insurance. Consider this, driving without car insurance is illegal, it’s also a huge gamble. One accident, especially with another uninsured motorist, can result in hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars in damages. And if you’re caught driving without insurance you could lose your license. Permanently.

Fronting, a desperate measure that involves using another person’s better driving profile to obtain car insurance, is also illegal and can have serious consequences for everyone involved.

Good News!

All insurers are NOT the same. With DirectAsia, car insurance for high risk drivers is both available and affordable.

“Sure, some auto insurance companies only insure individuals with flawless, or nearly flawless, driving records, but there are reputable high risk car insurance companies out there, you just have to be diligent in your search.” DirectGeneral.com

Beat the Clock

SOS Car Insurance will get you back in the driving seat and back on the road in no time. SOS Car Insurance is specifically aimed at drivers considered as high risk who would otherwise be refused insurance or have difficulties renewing their policy.

You can be sure that we are here to help you, every step of the way. Get a quick quote today? Tick tock.

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*Compared to leading car insurers. 16% of DirectAsia customers would save $300 or more compared to the estimated average premium across leading insurers. Cheapest based on average price of more than 12,000 cases, compared to leading car insurers.