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A quick guide to get through Single Parenting - DirectAsia

Our family plan covers you, your spouse, and your children together under an annual or single trip policy. You can include up to 4 children-DirectAsia Insurance

“I knew going in that being a single parent would be one of the toughest jobs I'd ever have. I'd been a talk-show host, actor, comic, and on and on, but this gig was going to be my defining moment.”

That’s Arsenio Hall speaking, a man who swopped fame for mornings making his son breakfast, and evenings checking his homework and getting him ready for bed.

Being a parent is a tough gig and separation, divorce, or death lead to a time of coping single-handedly with difficulties, transition and change. Then there are the financial and legal issues. We even came across a case where a travel claim was rejected by another insurer on the basis that the claimant was a single mum.

At DirectAsia, we don't discriminate like this - we cover all children who travel with at least one adult*.

Support and Encouragement

If you are a single parent in Singapore, here’s DirectAsia’s round up of useful places to find help, support and encouragement.

HELP Family Service Centre is a voluntary welfare organization, providing help for single parents and their families. We are an affiliate member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), and we are supported by the Community Chest of Singapore and others.

If you are divorced, widowed or unwed and raising a child, the following Government led initiatives are designed for you as a single parent.

This Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) book is a guide to help families manage the changes brought about by divorce or death. It contains information on the issues that single parent families may face and the community resources that they can turn to for help and support.

Whether by choice or circumstance, many woman end up raising children alone. As the sole parent, you have to deal with all aspects of family life and parenting, from finances to discipline. A single mum provides a 15 step survival checklist especially for unmarried single mums.

Consider joining a Singapore based single parents support group

An insider's view of life as a single parent in Singapore and share how to get the support you might need, from benefits to counselling and your rights as a single mum.

The Help You Need, Fast

At DirectAsia, we understand that if you are calling us, you need help and you need it fast. If you want to know more about our affordable insurance plans, visit our website or call one of our dedicated insurance experts on 6665 5555, we are right here in Singapore.

* Please note that an insured person who is a child must travel with at least one adult insured person for that child’s cover to be valid. This requirement applies to both annual travel policies and single trip policies under family plan.

Our family plan covers you, your spouse and children together under an annual or single trip policy. You can include up to 4 children.

CHILD = means your biological, step or legally adopted child who is unmarried, unemployed and whose age is between 15 days and less than 18 years of age. If unmarried and in full-time tertiary education, the child may be aged up to 24 years.