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Singapore Road Traffic Act - A Quick Guide | DirectAsia


A notice to all drivers. 

Updated laws which passed on Sept 8, 2014 will begin enforcement this February.

What does that mean for drivers?

Well hopefully all DirectAsia.com drivers are already safe and these won’t affect at all ;)

But here’s a breakdown of the main points anyway:

  1. If you’re holding a mobile device (phone or tablet) for any reason you will be found guilty of committing an offence. 
  2. This doesn’t just mean talking on phones. Any kind of interaction on any portable, digital device will be seen as impairing your ability to drive and you will be fined. 
  3. Yes, this includes Facebook and web surfing. But really should this even be up for debate? How can anyone operate a social network and drive safely?
  4. Fines start at $1,000 dollars and/or 6 months in jail and can go up to $2,000 in fines and a year in jail. 
  5. If for some reason you’re actually using Google glass or some other wearable technology (like the soon to launch Apple watch) you are clear on this law, but could still be fined under inconsiderate driving which carries a similar fine and penalty. 
  6. Devices that are mounted to the dash (possibly for navigation) are not considered an offence. Being seen overly interacting with the device while in motion could be seen as a fineable offence, but just having a device on and properly mounted is not in itself an offence. 

Be smart when on the roads. If you absolutely need to text or check Facebook for a location or address just pull off at the next available stop and check. You might think that you’re just distracted for a second, but that second can lead to a devastating accident.

Drive safe and get rewarded with DirectAsia.com.