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Singapore Scoot Airlines | Pokémon Themed Flights

Source: Scoot

If you didn’t know already, the Pokémon game made its debut in Japan in February 1996 as Pokémon Green and Pokémon Red. It didn’t take long for it to become wildly popular in America and the rest of the world – move over Godzilla! 

Players took on the role of trainers and collected cartoon monsters to train and fight each other. Regardless of age, race or gender – almost everyone was hooked! The Pokémon game has always been a very fun and immersive experience.


An Adventure Awaits

For die-hard Pokémon fans as well as newbies to the beloved series, a Pokémon-themed adventure awaits you. Scoot introduced the Pokémon Jet during the height of the Pokémon craze and to celebrate the airlines’ 10th birthday. For those of you who missed it when it first launched, grab your chance now to board the legendary Pokémon Jet aka the Pikachu Jet TR which is once again airborne – and there are flights up until March this year!


About the Plane

Source: Scoot

The 375 seat – Boeing 787 9 Dreamliner boasts Pokémon inspired images and decals on both its exterior and interior. The jet made its inaugural flight on September 9 from Singapore to Tokyo, Japan. You can book a trip between Singapore, Bangkok, Taiwan, Tokyo or Seoul, and flights are scheduled to depart from Changi Airport Terminal up to twice a month. Fare prices start from between S$231 (to Seoul) and S$333 (to Tokyo).


Experience On Board the Pikachu Jet

Source: Scoot

Onboard, you’ll find specially designed Pikachu Jet themed cups and serviettes, so you can thoroughly immerse yourself in the world of Pokémon. What’s more? You’ll get to hear Pikachu above the clouds. That’s right, he’ll be a part of the inflight announcements too! 

Pokémon Air Adventures Merchandise

Source: Scoot

Passengers and Pokémon fans can also look forward to a new range of collectibles that can only be purchased during flight bookings on the airline’s website, mobile app, and on board Scoot’s Pikachu Jet.

It’s the perfect memento for your Pokémon air adventure. Choose between the Adventurer’s Lanyard, Fly Away Tote Bag or a Pikachu-themed Bucket Hat as pictured above, or get them all for a full travellers getup!


Book yourself the adventure of a lifetime

As you fly across the seas, nestled amidst cute cartoon monsters, don’t forget that the right travel insurance for you and your loved ones will make the adventure safe besides exciting. You don’t have to worry about flight delays, cancellations, lost luggage and/or personal belongings, rental car excess as well as medical emergencies.

Remember that travel and adventure pose their own risks so it’s important to ensure that you and your family are well protected and insured against any unexpected events that may be costly in more ways than one. 

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