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Saving Yourself From Expensive Travel 'Mistakes'

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 10:31

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When we think of the word ‘Travel’ , we think of fantastic holiday destinations as well as having to work hard to save up in order to afford all the travel expense. That is true but sometimes travelling can come at a fraction of what we imagine it to cost. With a few cost saving tips in mind, we could be saving ourselves a hefty sum. Here are some cost saving tips you could use on your next trip!

  1. Plan your trip in advance. This way you have time to find deals and promotions on flights without having to rush yourself to settle for the first deal you find.
  2. Travelling away from peak periods. Peak periods usually coincide with school holidays and the common holidays eg: Christmas. Also noting that travelling on weekdays can save you considerable money than travelling on a weekend!
  3. Minimize credit card usage. Credit card companies usually charge a foreign transaction fee for each transaction that you make with your card. This usually ranges from 2-3% of each transaction.  Also notify your bank that you will be travelling so as to avoid the hassle of the bank putting your credit card on hold due to a 'suspicious' transaction.
  4. Booking accommodation online. Some people like to land at their destination then seek out cheap accommodation. However, internet deals are usually harder to beat than turning up and trying to get a good deal in person.
  5. Know your baggage restrictions and weigh your check-in baggage on a weighing scale before leaving for the airport. Airlines usually charge an excess baggage fee and they charger per kg that you are overweight which can add up to over $100 just for being a few kg over.
  6. Refrain from using your phone while abroad - Get an international service plan or purchase a pay as you go sim card at your destination if you really need to use a phone. AVOID ROAMING at all costs.
  7. Plan your modes of transport before you depart. Rail passes such as student/weekly/monthly passes can save you a lot of money as opposed to purchasing single tickets. Some countries combine bus and rail passes as well and this can be a great cost-saving option. Doing your homework in this manner can save you a lot of wasted trips and money.
  8. Eat like a local. Rather than getting whisked away by touts to expensive tourist traps, find out where the locals eat and eat there. Not only will you save money, you will also get more of an honest local experience.

    street vendor ho chi minh

  9. Tipping/No Tipping. Coming from Singapore, we are used to not having to tip for services rendered. However if you travel a lot you might get used to the habit of tipping especially in a lot of countries eg: North America where tipping is the norm. Knowing when not to tip can save you some money so read up on your travel destination beforehand!
  10. Travelling with medical insurance. If you land up in a hospital in the United States, be prepared to fork out a hefty sum for your medical bills. Having medical insurance that covers you while you’re travelling, is always advised. Purchasing travel insurance can save you such a headache. Here at DirectAsia.com we offer a comprehensive travel insurance plan that covers medical expenses while you're travelling and includes things like emergency medical evacuation should you ever need to be flown back to Singapore. As we all know, we never want to have to use our insurance but travelling with medical insurance is definitely advised over travelling with no medical insurance.

Now there you have it, some money saving options for your next overseas trip! If you have any other great suggestions to help one cut down costs while travelling, we would love to hear from you! Please leave us your comments below!