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Riding a Motorcycle in Singapore | Best Gear for Wet Weather

Tue, 08/17/2021 - 12:00
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Best Motorcycle Riding Gear to Stay Dry in the Rain

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Riding your motorcycle in the rain seems fun but it’s probably not ideal to reach your destination all wet and soaked. The thing is, Singapore experiences rainfall every other day, due to its geographical location and maritime exposure, so there’s no escaping it. Therefore, it’s best to be prepared at all times and invest in the right rain gear, when dealing with wet and unfriendly weather during rides.

However, it’s important to note that not all rain gear is created equal, as there are numerous options on the market. The option you pick will determine the level of comfort, safety and protection you will get. To help you determine what gear is important and what you should look out for, we have compiled a list of the best motorcycle rain gear that you should have on hand every time you ride your motorbike. Read on for our top suggestions.

Benefits of Motorcycle Rain Gear

Before we run through the list of must-haves, here is why it’s vital to consider having the right motorcycle wet gear on hand, whenever you ride your bike:


You should always think of your comfort when riding your motorbike. Imagine dressing up and heading out on your bike when it suddenly begins to rain as you get onto the highway. You may not have the chance to stop under a sheltered area immediately. The proper motorcycle wet gear should protect you even during a heavy downpour without getting you all wet, cold and uncomfortable.

Safety & Health

The right motorcycle rain gear will help you manage the wet surroundings better, such as the road and other vehicles on it, to avoid the risk of an accident. Wearing the right motorbike rain gear will also protect you from getting soaked to the bone and risking your health.


During heavy rains and cloudy weather conditions, it can be difficult to see other motorists on the road. However, with the right kind of motorbike rain suit on, you will be easily seen by approaching motorists, which will also help prevent potential accidents.

Best Motorcycle Wet Gear You Should Have 

Joe Rocket RS-2 Rain Suit - Team Motorcycle
Rain Suit

1. Rain Suit

This is at the top of the list because a good rain suit should fully protect you from getting wet. Since you’d be wearing this over your existing riding gear, you’ll want to pick one that is made from 100% waterproof polyurethane poly-nylon fabric, which won't easily stick to what you’re already wearing. Ensure it is completely waterproof, preferably with heat-sealed seams. A good waterproof motorcycle rain suit should have hook and loop fasteners to help seal the wrists and ankle openings as well as the collar, so that it’s secure, especially when riding along wet roads in the rain.

Don’t be fooled into thinking weatherproof gear will keep you dry. Waterproof and weatherproof are not the same; weatherproof gear will only protect you from light rain for a short period of time, but  a truly waterproof motorcycle rain suit should have a moisture IP rating of 6 and above to protect you when you’re riding during a heavy downpour.

A good rain suit should also have a poly-mesh lining to improve air circulation for your comfort. Besides that, an added protection would be reflective linings so that you’re easily spotted by other road users, especially on dark, rainy nights.

Another thing to consider is how easy it is to get into your rain suit. The last thing you want is to be caught out in the rain, scrambling to put it on. Typically rain suits have a main twin slider zip that runs from thigh to chest for easy donning.

TOP 4 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves 2021 · Motocard
Waterproof Riding Gloves

2. Waterproof Riding Gloves

Having a pair of waterproof gloves is always a good idea in the wet Singapore climate. Pick one that is not too thick but versatile enough to ensure you still have a good grip on your motorcycle’s handlebars. Waterproof gloves should come with thermal padding and can get a little warm in normal humid weather, so, you probably want to carry this as a spare to use only if it starts to rain. Ensure your waterproof riding gloves are adjustable with a wrist strap and secure when you put it on.

PINLOCK MAX VISION for motorcycle scooter LS2 MX436 cross enduro trail  helmet adhesive anti fog film CLEAR - 800400022
Visor Insert

3. Visor Insert

The problem with rainy weather in a humid climate like Singapore is, it makes the inside of your motorcycle helmet visor fog up easily. Adjusting your visor with a proper wet weather visor insert, prevents the inside of your visor from fogging up in wet or slightly cold weather and is definitely worth the investment! You will, however, need a helmet with a visor that has a pin for the insert to lock into. Once you lock it in, it should work its magic even in the most extreme wet weather riding situations.

Alpinestars — Real Advice about Women's Motorcycle Gear by GearChic.com —  GearChic
Motorcycle Boots

4. Motorcycle Boots

This may not be your style, but wearing waterproof motorcycle boots is the perfect protection for your daily commute, whether it rains or not. Look for a pair that’s breathable and keeps its shape well so you can wear it for many years to come. The buckle should snugly fit around your ankles without being too tight and the soles should be thick enough to firmly plant your foot down on damp roads, when you stop at traffic lights, without sacrificing your comfort. Otherwise, opt for rainproof boot covers if you rather wear your favourite pair of vented hot-weather boots, when riding.

Stay Dry with The Right Motorcycle Wet Gear

It’s no secret that the best way to stay dry if you’re caught riding in the rain, is with the best motorcycle wet gear. Such gear has been specifically designed to withstand the weather and the rigors of riding in the rain. Keep these items handy in your motorcycle gear compartment or in a carry-on bag and bring it along with you every time you ride.

We also recommend that you try to stop at a safe place to put on your rain gear – if it suddenly starts to pour while you’re riding – or ensure that you signal the other road users if you’re forced to stop by the shoulder of the highway. Comfort is key but safety is equally important. 
But, no matter how prepared you can be with the right motorcycle gear on, accidents can still happen due to poor weather conditions and wet roads. So it's crucial to invest in good motorcycle insurance in the case of an unavoidable accident when it rains. DirectAsia provides three motorcycle insurance cover types to choose from, including a Comprehensive plan that covers your motorcycle if it gets damaged in a flood due to heavy rains. You can also add on Optional Benefits that includes 24-hour breakdown assistance in case your motorcycle gets impaired in the rain.