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In conversation with a motorcyclist ANDY! - DirectAsia

Fri, 01/18/2013 - 15:07
It has been said that driving a car is like watching a film – and riding a motorcycle is like starring in one. At least that’s what my friend Andy says. Or rather insists. So I thought I’d reel off a few questions for my two-wheel obsessed friend, and try and convince him otherwise. Interview With a Motorcyclist

Air con, your favourite tunes on the stereo – and being pretty much sound-proofed from all the noise outside. That's why I love the car. Why on Earth would you ride a bike instead Andy?

Andy: I've done both in my time, and I have to say I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those four wheeled horrors now. Unless I'm taking the kids to school. But seriously, who needs air con? And who needs ‘tunes' when you've got the glorious sound of your engine to listen to? And the noise outside makes the experience more real.

Ok, so you love how real it is. But the car is much more convenient. Much more sensible.

Andy: Yes it is sensible; it's boring. And in terms of convenience, how convenient is a vehicle that takes up 3 or 4 times more space than a bike? And uses many litres more petrol? Some bikes can do 50km on just one litre you know…

They're called scooters, Andy.

Andy: Not true! And motorcycle insurance is cheap.

Ok, you have a point about the insurance. But what about safety. The bike doesn't fare so well there.

Andy: Well put it this way, when was the last time you saw a motorcyclist write a text message on the road?

True Andy. But in Singapore no-one writes text messages, on any vehicle!

Andy: You can't see them because of your boring tinted windows.

Ok. What about being social. You can have an actual conversation in a car…you don't get so close to your passengers on a bike…

Andy: Depends how hard you brake.

Sure. What about breakdowns. At least in a car you can wait inside while the recovery people turn up. Good in a thunderstorm.

Andy: I love thunderstorms! Anyway, motorbikes are so much easier to fix than cars, and go wrong less.

Not sure about that Andy.

Andy: Ha ha. I mean bikes are simpler. I could pretty much disassemble my bike and then put it back together again, single handed.

Pretty much? I Don't think that's advisabIe. I guess most car owners would never get the urge to do that. They're too busy having a nice relaxing journey whilst singing along to their favourite songs. Just why would anyone not want to be in a car?

Dog sticks head out Andy: What about those dogs who stick their heads out of car windows?

What about them?

Andy: They have the right idea – either they're trying to get out of their dull car, or they love being in contact with the world outside. That's what motorcycling is all about. Dogs would choose the motorcycle. Too bad you guys don't insure dogs.

It certainly is. Thanks Andy.

Andy: You're welcome.