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Here's How you can Schedule a Winter Trip Every Quarter of the Year

While foreigners may envy that we live in a tropical country with year-round sun, some of us here in Singapore wished we had a change of seasons so that we can experience life differently. This is especially obvious when it comes to snow – Singaporeans sometimes travel to other countries just to be able to engage themselves in winter sports. Are you one of those who simply loves skiing and snowboarding?

The good news is that if you are a snow-chaser, you don’t have to wait only till the end of the year to travel (It’s peak season, we know!). In fact, you will be able to find snow year-round across the globe. Read on and plan your snowy holidays now!

October- December

One of the easiest time to see snow is towards the end of the year. For those looking for a nearby winter holiday, you can find plenty of snow in Japan and China.

Japan is one of the favourite destinations for Singaporeans who want to experience a winter holiday, and many heads towards Sapporo since the city has a number of ski resorts just within an hour’s ride.

For those who want to see spectacular winter scenery, Yunnan is a good option too. Yunnan has a small mountain range called The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, known to be one of the most beautiful snow destinations in Asia.

jade mountain

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If winter equals Christmas for you, then a trip to Europe for your year-end holidays is ideal. For quaint Christmas market shopping, head to Vienna - Christmas markets are an age-old tradition in Vienna. Visit City Hall’s classic Christkindlmarkt market midweek to avoid queues, or opt for smaller local markets. The popular Christmas Village Belvedere Palace is set against a glorious baroque backdrop so don’t forget your camera.

Jan- March

With global warming, winters around the world are pushing later and you’ll see some of the countries at the peak of their winter season only at the start of the year. In Europe, most of the countries generally register their lowest temperature somewhere in February so remember to wrap yourself up warm and nice!

If snow-capped mountains are what you are hankering after, Switzerland makes for an excellent winter trip. Not only will you be able to witness the majestic Swiss Alps, drop by Gstaad for their annual hot-air balloon festival. Set in the town of Château-d’Oex in western Switzerland, the nine-day festival attracts pilots from 20 different countries, not to mention the beautiful sight of hundreds of enormous, colourful shapes floating over snow-capped mountains.

If you want the cool weather without the dreary clouds and dark sky, Spain might be your best bet. Spain is known for sunshine in Europe during the early months of the year and the best weather can be found on the Canary Islands. Weather in mainland Spain is also pleasant throughout January, February and March; cities like Barcelona and Madrid are also much quieter during this period, making them ideal for a laid-back city winter break.

April to June

The seasons in the Northern Hemisphere are the opposite of those in the Southern Hemisphere so if you are looking to escape the heat between April and June, here are some options for you.

New Zealand - well-known for its picturesque landscape, extreme sports and outdoor adventures, a trip to New Zealand between April to June marks the start of their Autumn season. The weather is turning cooler and you’ll be able to experience snow and even go skiing in the mountains. For a peep of autumn foliage, the best areas are the Southern Lake region (Wanaka and Queenstown), and if you are lucky, you might see some early snow. Otherwise, a trip to the glaciers will guarantee a river of snow for you to tread on!


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Argentina - Argentina in the winter has varying climates from mild temperatures in the north to ice glaciers in the south. Choose from an active holiday like skiing and trekking or enjoy a more relaxing holiday in the moderate temperatures during wine tasting tours.

June to August

Looking for somewhere cooler to bring your kids during the June holidays? Australia is perhaps your best option considering nearby countries follow somewhat similar climate to Singapore. June to August is winter season in Australia and because the country is so vast, you can expect varying climates in different regions.

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The sun continues to shine brightly on the beaches in the north, but it’s snow time down south. You’ll find plenty of winter activities in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania while snow is in abundance. If you’re keen to hit the slopes, be sure to check out Alpine Way, Charlotte Pass, Mt Selwyn as well as Canberra.

While it might not be that easy to find snow in South Africa during their June winter season, the months of June to August is probably one of the best times to visit the country. This is the dry season and it’s best for wildlife viewing as the animals congregate around waterholes and rivers. What’s best is that it is also the low season for tourism.

Travelling during the winter period can bring all sorts of uncertainty for flight plans due to unpredictable weather. Protect yourself with the right travel insurance so that you can be rest assured during any emergency evacuation or travel cancellations.  Do remember to add on the optional benefits if you are going to be engaging in extreme sports or require coverage for your sports equipment! Click here for a free instant quote now!