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Interview with an Owner of Gilera Runner ST 200 - DirectAsia

My Motorcycle and Me: Rachel Yeo.

Meet Rachel, she is our resident Customer Care Champions Team Leader and Trainer. Easy going and carefree personality, Rachel shares with us memory of days when she used to ride her Gilera Runner ST 200 (and perhaps someday again). Gilera Runner ST200

When did you first ride a motorcycle and how long have you been riding?

I started riding a bike illegally in one of the island in Malaysia and that’s my first attempt (come to think of it, that was a really bad idea!), however I was taking the riding course during that time. I bought myself a Gilera Runner ST200 immediately after I acquired my riding license and rode for 1 year before I decided to sell it.

So, what was your first motorcycle, and what’s so special about it?

Gilera Runner ST 200 is my first and only bike which is black in colour. Given another chance, I will still go for this bike. It is light and fast, especially the pick up speed. I remember being the first to go when light changes at traffic junction. It has a sporty appearance, suitable for people like me who are not very tall.

Do you have memorable story you could share with us e.g. road trip? dream bike, etc?

Only remember how cars treat bikers as second resident on road especially on expressway. They like to cut into your lane in high speed, indirectly showing that you are blocking their way like Hey! Mind you...I’m travelling at speed of 80-90km/h on the last lane! And Yes, that’s reckless driving!

Would you prefer to ride motorcycle than a car?

I would definitely prefer bikes to car, comparing the parking and maintenance cost. It really helps me to save a lot and it’s easier to find motorcycle parking space compared to car on most occasions. Rachel riding vespa Singapore Bikes anniversary

If you have a message to all the reader, what would it be?

I had trained myself to remain focus on road ever since I started riding. Being aware of what’s happening around you is important as some road user may be inconsiderate or unaware of your presence due to the size difference. Knowing the road condition helps you stay safe on road, and it’s important to get to your destination safely even though it’s just a few minutes difference. I always remind myself that I rather be late than never manage to reach. Don’t beat the red lights! Wikipedia Gilera Runner Motorcycle Insurance from DirectAsia.com