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The Young and The ‘Dangerous’ – Extreme Sports - DirectAsia

I am sure we all remember the days when we were filled with hot-blooded rage and teenage angst, much like a scene out of a James Dean movie. Over the years, we grow that much wiser and throw caution to the wind especially if it involves anything that might risk us hurting ourselves. However, living in Singapore, we are definitely limited to some extent by the kinds of activities we can get involved with. I am not referring to a good night out at the local micro brewery or a Sunday stroll along Gardens by the Bay but more of one that involves a little more adrenaline.

extreme sports scuba diving

In this day and age, no longer are so-called ‘Extreme Sports’ limited to the young adrenaline junkies. Grandmas hurling themselves out of planes seem to be a fairly common occurrence around the world. Singapore does have its fair share of extreme sports but for those seeking a thrill elsewhere, this usually involves taking a trip either across the checkpoint to nearby Malaysia or to more faraway lands. Nothing speaks more than trying your hand at skiing or snowboarding amidst a winter wonderland for that sweet romantic getaway. For the more adventurous this might involve off-piste skiing which is basically skiing in unmarked areas. Then there is, of course, the infamous bungee jump with multiple locations all around the world. Next on the list would be something that tops the list of most adrenaline junkies – skydiving. Having actually thrown myself out of a plane not once but twice, I can attest to such thrill seeking although I am honestly hardly one for such activities. I believe in trying most things at least once but as they say, different strokes for different folks! As exciting and immensely fun as these activities can be, there is of course the danger associated with engaging in them. Breaking a bone or two might be ok with you but if something worse were to happen, your family would be the ones who suffer the brunt of the aftermath of the accident.

Therefore, for those of you seeking a more adventurous lifestyle while you are travelling, you might be interested to know that DirectAsia.com does offer insurance coverage for those seeking such adrenaline-pumping activities. Surprised? Well, don’t be! All you have to do is to inform us at DirectAsia.com when you take up travel insurance that you will be engaging in the specified ‘Extreme Sport’. A lot of the extreme activities covered do require you to have a guide with you and while trekking or hiking you are limited to 6000 metres altitude and nothing more.

For a more detailed explanation of what sports are covered, please refer to DirectAsia.com to find out more. Do leave us any comments that you might have and perhaps let us know your favourite ‘Extreme Sport’ and where you have tried it!