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Smart Motorcycle Helmets - 6 Cool Examples | DirectAsia

Ever heard of a smart motorcycle helmet?
The roads aren’t always safe for motorcyclists—The Straits Times reports that the number of fatal motorcycle incidents increased in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017. One in three deaths on Singapore roads in 2017 was a motorcyclist. Some of the dangers of riding arise from lack of road visibility and lack of focus on the road, perhaps from toggling with the GPS navigation systems on one’s phone or taking calls. To make journeys for riders safer, motorcycle helmet brands have invented smart helmets—not your average gear, but a level-up in terms of technology and user-friendliness. Here are some of those smart helmets that are in the market or coming soon.

1. CrossHelmet X1

CrossHelmet X1 smart motorcycle helmet Arguably the most futuristic-looking helmet of the bunch, the CrossHelmet creators’ goal was to “bring state of the art technology to a safety staple that has remained stagnant for years” and increase rider safety. The CrossHelmet X1 gives riders an enhanced riding experience using visual aids and hands-free connectivity. Its features include a noise-cancellation function, an integrated head-up AR display with 360-degree vision, Bluetooth option and a rear-view camera. There’s even more—riders can take phone calls and listen to music with the helmet’s incorporated hi-fi headphones. They can even consult Siri or Google Helper while on the move.

2. Argon

Argon smart motorcycle helmet A five-man team of Singaporeans in their 20s has launched the start-up Whyre to create their very own smart helmet. Named Argon, it comes with a variety of add-ons that can be mounted on any ordinary helmet. For instance, an augmented reality device holds an eye-piece that allows riders to view road maps using GPS navigation device, thus eliminating the need to glance at mobile phones for directions. A rear piece carries a wide-angle camera with 170 degrees of live coverage of the rear-view scene that secures the rider’s blind spots. Equipped with other cool features like a rechargeable lithium battery, an integrated audio system, and remote switches on the handlebar, this device is expected go on sale in late 2019 with 500 international pre-orders already secured.

3. Skully Fenix AR

Skully Fenix smart motorcycle helmet Skully Technologies’ Fenix AR offers advanced safety features and custom comfort for riders looking for a sleek smart helmet. Retailing at US$1,899, this smart helmet comes equipped with smart voice commands, heads-up display, turn-by-turn navigation, connected audio, and a digital rear camera with a 180-degree-view. To make the helmet more comfortable to wear, the makers have provided options for an integrated chin skirt and liner. The helmet also comes with three options for finishes—black, white, and a raw carbon fibre look.

4. Livemap

Livemap smart motorcycle helmet In the same vein as other smart helmets on this list, Livemap comes with navigation systems projected on the visor, as well as voice controls and earphones to allow riders to go hands-free without having to stop repeatedly to check for directions. In fact, Livemap’s user interface isn’t complicated at all, with a voice command function that responds to specific words like ‘help’. Other features include light sensors that adjust brightness according to external light availability and long-life batteries.

5. Sena Momentum

Sena Momentum smart motorcycle helmet At around 1.77kg, Sena Momentum falls in the mid-range as far as smart helmet weight goes, but its appeal lies in numerous technologically advanced features. It has a touch panel for safe and intuitive access to the helmet’s various features. It also has built-in noise cancellation options for headphones and a microphone. Sena has also leveraged on their advanced communications hardware to produce a 20S intercom system made up of Bluetooth speakers, FM radio, and a microphone as part of the chin bar. And like most smart helmets, your ride is bound not just to be safe but also enjoyable, with the option to listen to music and make calls simply by connecting your handphone to the device.

6. Reevu MSX1

Reevu MSX1 smart motorcycle helmet Similar to the Sena Momentum in terms of weight and available sizes, the Reevu MSX1 claims to be the world’s first rear-view helmet, and it’s not difficult to see why—this brand has been an industry leader in rear-view technology with their patented mirror system. How it works sounds simple enough—the mirror system bends light around the shell of the helmet, providing a clear view of the rear. This helps to reduce limited visibility for riders who aren’t able to see what’s going on at the back and can only depend on side mirrors. Riders who are not just looking for safety features but also for style options can look to the Reevu, which comes in three colours and is designed beautifully with a clear-coat finish.

It’s still all about protection

Even with efforts like smart helmets to help riders be more alert and focused on the road, accidents still do happen. Arming yourself with not just the necessary equipment but with comprehensive motorcycle insurance is a smart way to ensure you are well covered during any mishaps or emergencies. DirectAsia gives a choice to every rider with customisable insurance plans and world-class service so you know you’re protected beyond your smart helmet.