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Eco Tyres | Future of Sustainable Driving


Eco Tyres: the What, the Why, the Future of Sustainable Driving

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Eco tyres. Is there such a thing? The answer is yes, eco-friendly tyres do exist, and they’ve been more widely used since the year 2000, thanks to technological advancements and the increased awareness of the importance of sustainable driving.

The increasing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles shows that drivers recognise the negative impact fuel-powered vehicles have on our planet. And with the world moving towards more sustainable practices across all industries, the tyre industry is no exception. 

Our cars’ tyres contribute to pollution that can cause numerous health and environmental problems. They produce tiny particles of rubber, due to friction with the tar roads, which end up in the air and in our lungs. On top of that, passively burning used tyres in a landfill, poses potential fire hazards. Due to these reasons and limited landfill space in Singapore, currently scrap tyres are exported to neighbouring countries to be used as solid fuels, besides recycling them into crumb rubber. But is that enough? 

Not many people think about how their car tyres affect the environment. In this blog post, we'll explore what eco tyres are all about and how they may become the future of sustainable driving.

What is an Eco Tyre?

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An eco tyre is also known as an eco-friendly or “green tyre”. It is an alternative to regular tyres, offering reduced fuel consumption, and therefore, reducing the CO2 emissions generated by your car.

Basically, eco-friendly tyres are designed for sustainability, with a few factors in mind:

1. Use of organic, raw & recycled materials

One of the main factors that establishes a “green” product is the raw materials used to manufacture them. With eco-friendly tyres, rubber materials are replaced with a synthetic blend, often incorporating silica. The use of silica to manufacture tyres not only helps in environmental preservation, but it can also reduce friction on the roads, allowing the car to reduce fuel consumption.

Over the past decade, tyre manufacturers have also begun manufacturing tyres from recycled materials like plastic bottles. Besides that, they have reduced the usage of petroleum in manufacturing tyres – replacing it with plant-derived oils (such as sunflower oil) as a substitute to petroleum and latex from flowers for rubber.

2. Lowered rolling resistance

Rolling resistance refers to the level of friction that the tyre creates with the road. The more friction, the higher the resistance, meaning your car will need more fuel to drive. So, adding silica to the tyre can lower its rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency. You'll not only save money on fuel, but you’ll be saving the environment too!

3. Wear & tear

Lower rolling resistance leads to slower wear and tear. This means you’ll face fewer car tyre problems and the lifespan of your car’s tyres will be increased. 

Subsequently, with better durability and longevity, drivers would need fewer tyre replacements, cutting down on excessive manufacturing. So, in terms of environmental sustainability, less oil and energy will be used to manufacture tyres. 

The Benefits of Driving with Eco Tyres:

1. Reduced environmental impact

Seeing that eco tyres use recycled materials, they save valuable resources, including petroleum and natural rubber.

2. Improved fuel efficiency

Eco-friendly tyres are fuel-efficient with lower rolling resistance, so carbon emissions and fuel consumption are lessened. This will save you money and the environment in the long run. But, bear in mind that proper tyre maintenance is still needed, like regular wheel alignment and balancing.

3. Safer driving

Eco tyres are engineered to provide exceptional grip in wet conditions, ensuring driver safety. Your braking distance is also shorter, so you can stop the car in time, to avoid an accident. Of course, another safety priority is getting good car insurance with the Optional Benefits you need, in case you face car tyre problems, on or off the road. 

4. More affordable

Eco tyre prices are on par with regular tyres. In fact, they can save you money in the long run because eco-friendly tyres sustain less wear and tear, so you don’t have to replace them often.

Tyres of the Future

It's only a matter of time until eco tyres are more readily available in Singapore. Tyre manufacturers will have to adapt their products and manufacturing processes in view of the current environmental crisis. And with more cars dominating the roadways, this may be the best way to help minimize the damage to our planet.