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Earn Extra Cash On Your Car!

Wed, 02/27/2013 - 14:49

If you’re looking for new ways to earn extra cash then read on.
You can earn more than $500 a month by renting out your car with iCarsclub, an online car rental company in Singapore.

It’s ideal if your car is laid idle for periods of time and you’re keen to earn extra income. And it’s a good solution for family and friends who are visiting Singapore and need to rent a car. iCarsclub manage the process for you so it’s relatively easy and hassle-free. Anyone renting your car is vetted by iCarsclub and it’s up to you how much you charge and for how long you rent it out.

You’ll receive fully comprehensive insurance for your rental period from DirectAsia.com, which means your own insurance won’t be affected should a claim need to be made. It’s free to register. You need to be more than 25 years-old and have a clean driving licence.

For more details go to www.iCarsclub.com

Here’s One Happy Client’s Story

Singaporean mum, Joy Gai Jiazi rents out her car most Saturdays. She earns anything up to $400 a month on her 7-seater Kia Carren.

iCarsclub customer Joy Gai Jiazi

How often do you use your car?

Every weekday because I need to drive to work, and every Sunday morning to go to church. Sometimes some family outings mean we’ll need the car on Saturdays.

How often do you rent it out?

Most Saturdays.

How much do you charge for rental?

$10 / hour, $100 / day

Is it easy to rent out?

It seems quite easy because our car is a 7-seater and good for family outings during weekends.

Any issues regarding the renter having accidents?

Since there is insurance cover, we don’t think this is a concern.

Does it come back clean?

Yes it’s quite well maintained by the drivers.

Do people take care of your car?

I must say they use it decently.

Who rents your car from you?

Most are young professionals.

Would you recommend car renting to other people?

Yes why not. We earn extra money without doing anything :)