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SG Drivers Feel Less Safe: Texting & Driving is one of the Reasons - DirectAsia

Should you drive distracted?

A recent survey in the Straits Times found that Singapore drivers are feeling less safe on the road.

We certainly agree. It seems like almost every time it rains you pass an accident on the side of the road no matter what part of town you’re driving in. Add to our crazy Singapore weather other distractions like texting, driving under the influence and aggressive driving and the roads become scary indeed.

And since Singapore’s talking about it again in the national paper, we’d like to as well. Sure we’re a business that sells car insurance, but many of us drive or bus to work, walk the streets and have loved ones that do the same. We care about driver safety as a company and as people who live and work in Singapore.

For the rest of the week we’d like to discuss 3 main points the article raises:

  • Texting While Driving
  • Drink Driving
  • And Aggressive Driving


4 Times as Likely

Can you believe people are still texting and driving? Results from research and studies have been in for years and they all say the same thing: DON’T DO IT! :)

Seriously, you’re four times as likely to crash if you’re distracted with your cell phone.

“But I can handle the car fine,” some of you might be thinking. Oddly enough that’s the same excuse used by drunk drivers on the road…and yet DRUNK DRIVERS around the legal limit are actually BETTER drivers than those distracted by cell phones.

At least drunk drivers are trying to look at the road. You get caught up in a cell phone debate about where to grab some grub and your eyes are anywhere but on the road.

Lose Your License

We can admit that some aren’t motivated by stats on driving ability. They feel they can still manage (much like an alcoholic claims he can still drive himself home after an epic night out).

They’re more concerned with themselves. For those who feel invincible, here’s a whole bunch of selfish reasons to put the phone down as well:

  • Hand phone and SIM will be seized
  • First time offense is $1,000/jail for 6 months or both
  • Second time offense is up to 2,000 and a year in jail!
  • Driver can be disqualified from driving completely
  • If you have an accident while on the phone, insurance policy will be VOIDED

These are just for starters. Prosecutions can run even further if the cell phone use caused an accident or worse.

We Focus on Safe Drivers

At DirectAsia.com we offer our low rates to safe drivers.

Some don’t understand this policy. Putting it plainly: we insure safe drivers so help keep premiums low.

Why should you pay because someone else is texting away? Shouldn’t you be rewarded for having an ounce of common sense and being able to manage going without your phone for 5-15 minutes until you get the car stopped?

Again…Put the Phone Down

Really we can’t say this enough. Don’t get distracted with your phone when on the road. Not just texting, calling someone on the phone while driving can distract you more than talking to someone physically in the car.

Maybe some won’t remember and maybe this will make me sound super old…but there were actually times when people were out of contact with other people for…HOURS!

I know it’s hard to believe or think back that far.

But you can make it to the next stop before checking your phone. Other people’s lives, your license and a potential for a lot of loss and pain are on the line if you don’t.

If you'd rather not read, check out our video here.

Check in Tomorrow for Pt2

We know this advice can sound a bit motherly, but the fact is many people keep up the behavior thinking they're immune. And the sad fact is that other drivers who might be choosing to be safe will be affected, often worse than the one driving. We don't like being buzzkills, but we'd rather nag one driver into putting the phone down and save a life than the alternate.

Tomorrow we'll cover the second part of the debate, drink driving. Drink driving is probably less controversial (more people are aware of the dangers) and yet is till more rampant in our city than we'd care to admit.

If you've been affected by any of these and would like to join the conversation, please comment or send in a reply.