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DirectAsia’s Insurance Staff Budi Wu Volunteering Rio 2016


We are very proud that one of our employees, Budi Wu, decided to volunteer for the upcoming international sporting competition in Brazil. Budi is part of the Application Development team of DirectAsia Insurance. He joined the team in August of last year. Budi is responsible for the development, customisation, and maintenance of the car insurance company’s core system to meet country-based business requirements using Java technologies.

Other than car insurance, Budi is also passionate about sporting events. He previously volunteered for the Southeast Asian Games. We decided to chat with Budi to find out more about his experiences in being selected as a volunteer for the global sporting competition and what he looks forward to the most.

Did your previous experience in the Southeast Asian Games help you secure your position as a volunteer?

I do believe that my previous volunteering experiences especially at Southeast Asian Games last year in Singapore, help me to secure the volunteer position as I will assume the same role.

However, I also believe that the committee will not only assess your skills and experiences but also your motivation (which I think this is the most important criteria) as there are many new and young volunteers from all around the world.

Why did you decide to volunteer for the international sporting competition this year?

It’s my childhood dream to be part of the Olympic Games (Olympic Movement). And when Rio 2016 opened the volunteer registration, I decided that this is a time for me to fulfil my childhood dream, so I signed up as volunteer.

What was the process like for volunteer selection? How long did it take?

They closed the registration process by end of 2014. So roughly it took around 1 year plus, from (online) interview all the way until the allocation of my position which I received my position in January this year. Since then, we need to attend several e-courses.

Fyi, at least 240,000 applications received by the committee by end of the registration process and they only need 50,000 volunteers.

What are the tasks you are going to do?

Basically my team and I will provide administrative, language and organizational support to respective participant country.

What are you most excited about volunteering for the Games?

I can contribute to community for this case to sports community. And in the same time I can learn new skills, meet new friends and broaden my perspective.

Do you plan to support the Singaporeans competing in the Games while you are there?

Definitely, I will support Team Singapore and I really hope they can win our first Olympic gold medal.

DirectAsia Insurance is not affiliated with the IOC, SNOC, and Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It is a separate and independent organisation. The information provided on this article is for general information purposes only.

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