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If you’ve been camping at West Coast Park lately, chances are someone was belting out Bo Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer at 10 am on a Sunday morning. Why? The question is, why not?

Karaoke is our chance to throw caution to the wind, and make believe we are on that stage with 10,000 fans going wild.

Popular wisdom states that karaoke was the brain-child of a Japanese bar owner, whose band failed to show up for the show that night. The clever owner put on some funky tunes and let his customers add their own vocals. We don’t know if it’s true, but who cares? Karaoke is a great way to sing yourself happy.

Carpool Karaoke

If you’ve been on YouTube lately, you’ll know that Adele, Jennifer Lopez, Elton John and Gwen Stefani are all jumping on the karaoke bandwagon. In a car. And surely your car is the perfect space for a song? Your own ticket to musical stardom - with no one to tell you to turn the volume down.

Here are DirectAsia’s top tunes for your next road trip, including some from Singapore’s home-grown talent:

Karaoke Classics

  • Sorry, Justin Bieber
  • Loveshack, B52s
  • Umbrella, Rhianna
  • Kung Fu Fighting, Carl Douglas
  • Hands to Myself, Selena Gomez
  • One Way or Another, Blondie
  • Counting Stars, One Republic

Too Cool For School

  • Snarky Puppy feat. Lucy Woodward - Too Hot To Last
  • fzpz - off to tokyo

Funky, Soulful

  • Penakut by Yuna - Cover by Ffion Williams
  • Californian Dream ft Dru Chen [radio edit] - bittymacbeth
  • City Lights - Rusty Machines

Karaoke Etiquette (outside the car)

  1. Listen while someone else sings (even if it’s painful)
  2. Don’t stop the music when someone is mid-song
  3. Don't hog the machine
  4. Make sure everyone gets a turn before you come back for more

What are your favourite car tunes?

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