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Car Reviews Singapore | Best/Top Selling Cars in Singapore 2020

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Top selling cars in Singapore 2020

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Buying a car is always an exciting experience. First-time car buyers experience this thrill, but many aren’t prepared on what factors to consider or what brands and specifics to look at without being overwhelmed. With that in mind, you should remember to make detailed findings before any vehicle purchase to avoid problems later. Here’s a list of factors to consider when buying a car and a list of the top selling cars in Singapore in 2020.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Car

  • Residual Value: This refers to the value of a car at the time when it is bought, and this value depreciates over time. This is worth considering in the event you plan to resell your vehicle because you never know when you could find a vehicle more suited to your taste.
  • Cost of Ownership: If we were to have a list of vital but often overlooked factors relating to vehicle purchase, this would be very high up. Most buyers just want to spend the cash and drive the new car home without giving though to the implications of their choice such as the cost of insurance, fuel and maintenance. All these make up what is known as the “cost of ownership”. For you to be an ideal car owner, your car expenses shouldn’t be more than 15% to 20% of your total monthly budget. Simple steps like checking with your car insurance companyon how much your rates will change by purchasing a new car and selecting a fuel-efficient vehicle can go a long way towards reducing your cost of ownership.
  • Price and Financing: To get the best price for a new car, you definitely have to do some research. Showing up at a car dealership with your own findings and information puts you in a better position to negotiate a purchase that will be to your benefit. When buying a new car, it’s awesome if you are able to pay in cash. However, most prospective buyers of the top selling cars in Singapore often require a loan or financing. In such cases, check your credit history and credit score beforehand to get a better idea of your financing options.

Top Selling Cars in Singapore

Now you know what to look out for when buying a car, the next step is to know what the best-selling cars in Singapore that are. The easiest way to do this is to make a list of categories and the top cars in those categories. To make your search easier, we’ve done exactly that, and this is what we came up with;

1. CONVERTIBLES: A convertible is an awesome car to have because the roof can retreat into the body to allow for increased ventilation. The top selling cars in Singapore in this category are;

BMW 2 Series Convertible

Image Credit: carscoops.com

The 2020 model of the BMW 2 series convertible comes with a lot of features that are just delightful. These include darkened headlights, a high gloss black kidney frame on the 230i, cerium gray frame on the M240i’s grille, peerless badging and refreshed front and side air inserts. Additional changes have also been made to the exterior color palette, upholstery trims and standard wheel designs.

The carbuzz ratings for the vehicle based on the reviews in 2020 are:

Vehicle strengths and weaknesses include the following:


Elegant interior
Top-down thrills


Limited rear legroom
Sub-par trunk space

BMW 4 Series Convertible

Image Credit: motorcarsofjackson.com

This model of the BMW series comes with a refreshed high gloss black kidney frame, a new rear diffuser and all-new darker taillights. Additional features include rain sensing wipers, 18- and 19-inch wheels and a carbon fiber trim package made available for the 440i models.

The carbuzz ratings for the vehicle based on car reviews in 2020 are:

Vehicle strengths and weaknesses include the following:


Strapping six-cylinder engine
Competent handling dynamics
Exceptional ride quality and comfort


Hard-top significantly impedes on trunk room
Not as performance-oriented as rivals

2. HATCHBACKS: This term refers to a compact or subcompact sedan with a squared-off roof and a rear flip up hatch door that provides access to the vehicle’s cargo area instead of a conventional trunk. Best selling cars in Singapore in this category are:

Toyota Prius C

Image Credit: carbuzz.com

For its 2019 model, Toyota has trimmed the Prius line down from four to two rims, changing from numerical values to alphabetical names. A few paint colors have also been added with a new two-tone interior color scheme. For a change, the company removed the optional sunroof and bigger 16inch wheels from the older model

The carbuzz ratings for the vehicle based on car reviews in 2020 are:

Vehicle strengths and weaknesses include the following:


Cheaper than most rivals
Good fuel economy
Excellent reliability ratings
Impressively spacious


Modest acceleration
Noisy Engine

Honda HR-V

Image Credit: thecarconnection.com

The 2020 edition of the Honda HR-V remains unchanged

The carbuzz ratings for the vehicle based on car reviews in 2020 are:

Vehicle strengths and weaknesses include the following:


Relatively frugal powertrain 
Voluminous cargo space
High-quality, well-built cabin
Comfortable and supportive seats
Balanced ride and handling dynamics


Underpowered, unrefined powertrain’
Considerably noisy engine
Top features only unlocked at highest trim levels
Unintuitive infotainment system

3. COUPE: The coupe has historically been considered a two-door car with a trunk and a solid roof. Top selling cars in this category include the following;

Toyota GR Supra

Image Credit: motortrend.com

The 2020 GR Supra is co-developed with BMW which means it uses BMW’s CLAR platform and even a B58 turbo six-cylinder engine from the German giant. It also forgoes the two-seater configuration of previous models but that’s the price you pay to collaborate with another manufacturer. That being said, it’s still among the best cars in Singapore.

The carbuzz ratings for the vehicle based on car reviews in Singapore are:

Vehicle strengths and weaknesses include the following:

Sublime rear-wheel-drive handling dynamics
Pliant suspension paired with capable dynamics

No 2+2 seating
No manual gearbox available

Mercedes Benz C-class coupe

Image Credit: carbuzz.com

The 2020 model still retains some of its 2019 features like the power increase, redesigned LED headlights and standard Apple car play. However, it now adds blind spot monitoring, power folding mirrors and an electronic trunk closer. It also includes a surround sound system, Sirius XM satellite radius and 64-color ambient lighting with illuminated door sills.

The carbuzz ratings for the vehicle based on the reviews are:

  • Exterior Design – 8/10
  • Performance – 7/10
  • Fuel Economy – 9/10
  • Interior & Cargo – 9/10
  • Infotainment & Features – 8/10
  • Reliability – 8/10
  • Safety – 10/10
  • Value for Money – 8/10

Vehicle strengths and weaknesses include the following:

One of the best interiors in Its class
Lithe handling

The back seats are tight
Doesn't offer the most exceptional fuel economy

WHAT NEXT? At this point, we have no doubt you have an idea of the car of your dreams. That leaves one more thing; what do you do about car insurance? Well, there’s good news because at DirectAsia Insurance, we’re always on hand to listen to your requirements and make a policy that’s perfect for you. Contact us now for a detailed quote on your personalized car insurance policy.