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Car Chain And Sandwich Accidents: When Lady Luck Has Deserted You

Becoming the inadvertent filling for an aluminium sandwich, or an unwitting link in a car chain accident, both sound like pretty unappealing experiences in themselves. But when you clamber out of your car and realise that your insurance company will view the situation with a dimness only rivalled by your own, such an incident gets much worse.

Car chain accidents

What constitutes a car sandwich or a chain accident?

A ‘car sandwich’ is an incident whereby a car is ‘sandwiched’ between two other vehicles. Such an incident could arise for a number of reasons: perhaps there are three cars on a highway, and the leading car brakes too hard, causing the middle car to brake hard – forcing the final car to follow suit. The result can be a multiple collision. Such an incident, while technically the fault of the lead car (for suddenly braking/manoeuvring) or the last car (for not taking due care/braking in time), can mean substantial premium hikes for the two following cars if damage results. Such occurrences may also arise due to a rainy road surface, or tyres that are in poor condition.

Drivers can find themselves with increased premiums following stationary incidents too, such as when stuck in a traffic jam, or in a parking queue. The driver in front may accidentally reverse or roll back while on a slope, or use the wrong gear, causing them to ram your own car. And suddenly you must deal with a claim that wasn’t your fault.

Such situations are frustrating, but are risks that all motorists face.

Car accident

A Second Chance

Some drivers are less fortunate than others. Some even experience a number of these types of incident, of which some or even none take place as a result of their own actions. At DirectAsia.com we don’t want to shut such drivers out in the cold. We believe those who have experienced bad luck – perhaps along with a little poor judgement on their own part – still deserve to be insured.


That’s where DirectAsia.com’s SOS Car Insurance comes in. Designed for drivers who have perhaps been labelled ‘high risk’ by other insurers, this policy provides the cover required to get back on the road – for a realistic premium. While not necessarily suitable for drivers who may have been seriously at-fault in an incident, our SOS Car Insurance is ideal for those who appear to have been deserted by Lady Luck.

Perfect for drivers who want to consign their sandwich and chain accident days to history, SOS Car Insurance comes with the same award-winning service as all our insurance products. Not only will you get back on the road, you’ll enjoy true peace of mind that if you do have an accident, we’ll aim to assist you within 30 minutes, and tow your vehicle to a garage if it isn’t fit for the road. You’ll also benefit from a 12 month guarantee on any work carried out in our own panel workshop.

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