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Why helmet is so important while riding a Motorbike - DirectAsia

Shafie Sulaiman has always been an avid rider. To him riding is not just a form of commute; it is also a way to experience freedom. In the 11 years that he has been riding, 30-year-old Shafie has frequently travelled up north to Malaysia on his Ducati. But there is one aspect of riding that completes his personality on two wheels – his helmet. His top priority in choosing a helmet is the comfort. Then design, quality and the weight of the helmet.
“Safety features and design are equally important to me. As a rider, I always think about safety because we never know when we will encounter an accident,” says Shafie. “There are only three types of accidents that a motorcyclist will encounter– minor, major and fatal. I rather not experience any of those.”
Two years ago, he came across Arai RX-7 RR5 Nicky Camo that spoke to him with bold imprinted words: “Born To Ride”. It was the perfect helmet that symbolises his image and what he believes in. The limited edition piece has a Full Metal Jacket theme with a chinbar that has an illustration of Nicky Hayden's face, a MotoGP racer. Hence the name Nicky Camo. camouflage-helmet-design Shafie has his own interpretation of the helmet design. The camouflage pattern represents him as a soldier that protects the country. The row of bullets is a symbol of sacrifice that one must make for his country when called upon to defend it. The peace logo stands for world peace that he believes is everyone’s right. The hefty price tag of S$830 didn't stop Shafie from immediately buying it. It sells for US$639 on Arai website and is sold out at the time of writing this post. The PSB certified Arai RX-7 RR5 Nicky Camo comes with comfortable inner paddings and has an aerodynamic shape that supports high-speed rides. It produces less movement to the head, which further improves the comfort of a long ride, especially when driving up Malaysia. The manufacturer claims that the cap body materials have been improved to achieve better "stiffness", "lightness" and “stickiness". The helmet adopts the Egg Shaped-form that allows the neck of the helmet to draw lower down the next. It improves safety and offers a smoother airflow. The only drawback that he later realised was that he has to keep his helmet close to himself on outings even if it is a short trip to the malls. “I am not going to risk my helmet being stolen,” says Shafie. The extra effort in owning such a beautiful helmet is, however, worth it. “I have had a couple who drove by and stopped at the traffic light beside me. They wound down their windows and complimented on my helmet. I was speechless and blushed! All I could do was smile and wave back at them." His good experience with this helmet makes him want to buy more of Arai brands. “Currently, I am looking out for a Carbon Fibre helmet. I have set a goal to ride all the way to Thailand and even further to Nepal. I need a helmet that will take me there in good comfort.” Shafie recommends serious motorcyclists to think about the personality that they project as a rider. “There is unique riding personality in all of us. We must bring this personality out with not just our motorbikes but also with our helmets. It completes the look.” A good insurance is like a good helmet. You need to have it on all the time. You never know when it will protect you.

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