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Best price guarantee on your car and motorcycle insurance in Singapore

Seeing Double on Your Car or Motorcycle Insurance?

The word ‘guarantee’ gets used a lot in business, because it gives customers genuine peace of mind. But here at DirectAsia.com we thought we’d add a little more pizzazz to the word. How? By revamping our own price promise guarantee by a factor of 2. If you find a cheaper car or motorcycle insurance premium elsewhere in Singapore, we’ll now reimburse you by TWICE the difference!

New pair shoes

New Socks?

What could that money buy you? A new cell phone? A shiny new pair of shoes? Or just a pair of socks?

Our bet is that you won’t even be able to buy a pair of socks with the difference – that’s how confident we are that we offer the cheapest car and motorcycle insurance in Singapore.

Apologies if you were fantasising about a new pair of socks at the end of that second paragraph, but we just can’t help it if we offer the most affordable car and motorcycle in the country.


If you’ve purchased a policy from DirectAsia.com for the first time, then there’s a real chance you’ve saved a great deal compared to what you paid last year. We’re certainly talking about a new pair of socks here, quite possibly a new pair of shoes, too. As regards the cell phone, we can’t be so sure…

Better Insurance

Best price guarantee stamp

Here at DirectAsia.com, we realise we’re not the first to think of offering price or service guarantees. FairPrice has been guaranteeing that GST increases would not affect their customers – by absorbing them each time they went up. They also guarantee 2% off for elderly customers who shop with them on Tuesdays.

Over at Ikea they’re so sure their customers will love their SULTAN mattresses that they let them try them out for 100 days: they get a full refund if they return them undamaged within that period.

And over at Courts they also run a double-the-difference guarantee on their products. But in the land of Singapore insurance, such guarantees have been sparse…until the establishment of DirectAsia.com.

Insurance Premiums and a Claims Service That Will Knock Your Socks Off

But how can we keep premiums so low, AND still offer you superb car and motorcycle insurance? Quite simply, we don’t charge you agency fees – because we cut the agency out. Additionally, we only insure careful drivers, so our customers don’t subsidize high risk motorists. And thirdly, you only buy cover for the features you need.

These savings are passed onto you or ploughed into our award-winning claims service. So, you get cheaper car insurance, and enjoy a service that meets and exceeds the best in Singapore.

Doesn’t that beat a new pair of socks?

Found a Cheaper Quote?

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Either way, you'll win!